The Unthinkable has happened.

by on Sep.16, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

The JackHammer just got shut down for the last time. A newly daily driver is coming. The case was so big I had to buy Extension cables. All that Red and white you see is power. It is far from done. I will drop 11 NVME’s in it, and 7 Enterprise Drives, fans and RGB lighting in it and call it a day. The Shiteo card will come out, thanks NShitia & be replaced. Dual 10 Gigibit Fiber will be dropped in and disable the dual 10 Gigabit onboard. Will all be done by Saturday. You are NOT looking at a finished product.


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The ripper is up!

by on Sep.10, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome Aboard. TheeMahn’s new Rig.

I am happy as a lark to see it POST (Power On Self Test) for the first time. I will have to build it up, drives etc. I don’t even have a keyboard hooked up yet lol. Yes, I do see it complaining about insufficient power. It has a 1300 Watt power supply. I will have to move one of the 12 volt EPS rails to a higher slot. That board will take up to 3 of them and 2 X 12 volt six pin connectors. Just the CPU alone will suck up 280 Watts. Currently, I have not seen it in action, rest assured it is coming.

Just wanted to share the good news. That build scared me. Just because of the amount of money involved. I am so happy to see it post. I hope to never build one again. I just ate it and ordered another 12 Volt EPS cable. I will not run it w/o it. I do not know if they shorted me a cable or if I lost it. Took me a year to build it. A lot can happen in a year.

Don’t know what a ThreadRipper Pro is?


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You can do Magic!

by on Sep.07, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I have been writing a re-write of RepoStorm. I can promise you I did not convert one Application at a time to Arch Linux. I wish I had the ThreadRipper pro up would take seconds. I suppose I should tell you why I don’t have the Ripper up. The Power supply only has 2 X 8 pin 12 Volt EPS rails & the mother board has 3 slots for it… 2 six pin on top of that & 2 to the video card… That was a $400 PSU (Power Supply Unit). 1,300 Watts Titanium & not enough? It made me pull my balls out. I have never built a Threadripper in the past. I have built thousands of computers.

I did get it to power up, but not POST (Power On Self Test). Can you imagine burning up $15,000.00 worth of hardware? Like crashing a car at the push of the button. I am being meticulous. I do have what I need, just not plugged in right. 1,500 watts is recommended. I have just the basics in it, it should have came up. I found out one of those 8 pin EPS ports is “Primary” without it will not come up. Once I see it come up I will drop 11 NVMES in it and 10 Hard disks. I may have to buy a larger PSU. Just purchasing the chip & the E-bike took me from Excellent credit to Good credit (lost 43 points in one day). It was expensive. I will bounce back.

Almost $7000.00 in the hole. 0% APR, it will go away. 4 days from now I will get a raise & still not top pay. This I think is funny, if I hand you $1,200.00 a month, they do not complain. The first card is O.K with $300.00 a month as they are watching me crush the first card, no payment due. They can see my finances. What do you think will happen when the first card is gone? They are hoping. I can not take care of both. 0% APR? Like a loan with 0% interest. I do pay my bills too. I love my job. They pay me well & do not screw with me. I have the perfect job. I too make no mistakes. Last review they told me I had not made a mistake in over a year in quality. I am personally about in quantity. I shove tons out the door. Helps the company & Ultimately me. Damn, my next bonus check will have perfect attendance on it.

That in itself is also funny, it is hard to get a person to go to work. I have worked with only 5 people for an entire shift. That is crazy. I hate to tell you this I think we just lost one more today, perhaps 2. I have told them if you miss 2 days in a quarter you do not get a bonus at all, and the next day they do not show up. I am having financial problems, I wonder why? They are going to shut off my water. DUH! Exploring a Kiana Danial review can offer insights into managing finances and investments effectively, potentially providing solutions to overcome financial challenges and achieve stability.

I guess I am a company man. I came into 1″ steel which weighs jack diddly squat. Packet gone, let us grab the next packet. Have some 3/4″ which is worse, you will have to burn one at a time. I did not make it through that crap until 9 PM. Next up 1 3/4″ Gone in 20 minutes. 3,800+ pounds in 20 minutes. They want .63 tons per hour. I custom-program that. If I can.

Running Arch Linux?

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Goto the bottom and add the following:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo

Why am I doing this?  Steam pissed in my Wheeties.  When I am done the Steam Deck will run Ram-booter.  I do not think Steam really knew who I was.  I told them I was a developer, well he does not develop Games.  You are right.  I can promise Steam will wish they never screwed with me.

It is happening autonomously as I type.  Right now it will only use one thread, I will fix that.  Parallel processing Baby - I am the King of opening cores.  The Steam Deck is a quad-core, eight-thread Zen 2-based APU, that still sports RDNA 2 GPU cores, and also supports LPDDR5.

Main rig until the Ripper comes up.
Repostorm even converts itself 😉

That is Single channel DDR4 Memory & is about six times as fast as a NVME. The Steam Deck is quad channel memory & LPDDR5. Do you see where I am going? When I am done it will be faster then my current rig. I am sorry they blew me off. I want you to think about this, I am running that application in Arch Linux. I have been writing software for almost 40 years. I do know what I am doing. I did start writing software when I was 11 years old on a Commodore VIC-20.

Sorry Steam,


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The Hammer is about to drop

by on Aug.26, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Steam Deck is in house
Software does not stop

Sorry Steam! Why did you not treat me as a developer?

WTF were you thinking? I build Operating Systems & have for over 20 years. Your Steam deck uses Arch Linux. Took me one day to port my software to yours. You are fucked.

That is all I will say right now. Last check I am TheeMahn. What will happen tomorrow? I have a ThreadRipper Pro coming up tomorrow. I can promise you that you are hit in the mouth. I did offer to sell you my software. Now I will incorporate in an O/S I build & wipe you out. Mine will be free, and pretty hard to fuck with. Do you think I care about money? You are now screwed.

It is already in the works & just a matter of time. I do like Arch Linux, minus the learning curve. The same O/S Steam Deck uses. I could completely replace the O/S, why not do both? According to the info tool in Ram Booter will only be 5 times faster. I can’t wait to see ram-booter run on the ripper. It has 13 NVME’s won’t matter. I do not care if I had 50 NVME’s all raided, where does that data traverse? Through RAM. I just cut it out. The closer you get to the CPU the faster things get.

Let’s re-illiterate this Steam you are not only fucked, but you are screwed. I am a good guy I will let you know you should add Lutris (released today) to your repo minimally or incorporate it.

What a nice guy, I won’t for the most part tell you what I am doing.


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What is this Johnny?

by on Aug.12, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I did have to order it 3 times, but a ThreadRipper Pro 5975WX is coming. That is the latest Gen ThreadRipper Pro Zen 3 Architecture. 32 core 64 Thread Monster. That is just the chip, I already have had the rest for over a year in total. Did you know it smokes even the fastest CPU money can buy in Gaming minus the AMD 5900X3D. AMD Ryzen 7000 series is coming in September. In Intel Land, there is absolutely ZERO that can touch it and I mean even in the server area. The chip is classified as an HEDT (High-End Desktop) or Sworkstation, they are NASTY. I do write software to boot from RAM. On the ThreadRipper Pro will be 8 channels. The Steam Deck is a quad Channel. I did offer to help them. We will talk about Steam deck at the end.

I did not buy it to play games I can assure you of that. Expensive sure, fast? Phenomenally. I do write software for multi-core or Parallel processing software. Get ‘r done.

It gets better. They were nice enough to deny my new credit card.

ThreadRipper Pro 5975WX inbound? 32 core 64 thread. Only $4,190.00?

Like I said it does get better:

Still gets better…

I went to Amazon to check on whether it had been shipped it has not thanked God. Had customer support call me. Found it on Amazon’s website $500.00 less. They canceled it without me canceling and restarting the process. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Those drives are filling BTW. 1/2 a GB a second across the network. Dual 10 Gigabit Fiber. They will drop in the ThreadRipper Pro. Most people do not understand just how fast they are. In Linux I do not deal with schedulers. Windows is poor in its support of a chip of that caliber. It is almost like an Epyc, faster in most cases.

The first Intel chip I see is almost $9000.00 and it is way below what is coming. If you look at the money, I probably made the best decision, however if money was no object should have waited until September 15th. I am sure they will drop the 5995WX, you can get them on EBay for $9,999.00 used. I hate price gougers.

They evidently are not going to release the top dog chip the ThreadRipper Pro 5995WX until September 15th. MSRP on that chip? $6500.00. I have waited a year to the day. I will take what I can get. I already have had the rest. Funny, I was reading that link & Steam sent me a link to buy my steam deck. Ironically Steam deck shut down my ability to buy a steam deck today. I did file a support ticket. We will see how that goes. They only gave me 72 hours to buy it. I do work. $3500.00 does not sound so bad now does it, yes you have to pay the tax man. Both are coming.

The steam deck is on its way.

What do you think I will do with that? Play Games? I bet you are wrong.

The game is about to change,


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Ready, Set Go?

by on Jun.16, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Software is on my side.

I have been writing software for 40 years. Pro bono I do not want your money. Great guy, not a money-hungry fella. I would have a ton of money if I wanted it.

Are you Ready for what is coming? Things are about to change. I scare the hell out of the big boys get SET.

Like my crypicness? Yes, it is a word. Makes it worse that they do not what is coming. Basically, what I am telling you I am about to drop a large hammer. That too is Crypic. What app do I infer or O/S?



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I am TheeMahn ;)

by on Apr.29, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Let’s get this out in the open I have been building Operating Systems for 16 Years. I own multiple websites and am very used to seeing heavy traffic. Even with Russia, that is lite to me. I suggest you read this article.

Almighty then.

The forum is back up and 100% functional, err 99% functional. EDIT: 05/04/2022: The email portion is not working. I need to update the DNS settings for the server, I approved all your accounts manually. When I say this I suggest you make no mistake. I have the ability to be patrolling the forum and you never know I am there, same with all admin and moderators. I will be there minimally for the next 2 weeks daily. I am disapproving of the 13,000+ topics 1,000 per day the Russian bots put in place. I will fix the MX DNS issue tomorrow. I am betting that is gone. Check the “A” record. I have been very busy. The forum will be up under Cloudflare before I go back to Programming / OS Architecture.

I am sorry it took so long. I found the problem was that Russian Bots were swarming the website. 218,251 hits from the Russian Federation in less than 3 days. I am sorry I had to go to extremes to fix that first before fixing the actual website.

Let me tell you how I fixed that first. I am sorry to plagiarise myself from FaceBook:

You do understand I used to be a hacker right? Proper term is a cracker.

  • a person who breaks into a computer system, typically for an illegal purpose.” computer crackers will push the outer limits of network security”

I want you to look at the second screen. Watch Mother Russia vacate my site. I am not worried about the functionality of the website right now. I want them GONE!!! These are not small domains they feed the internet, all from Russia initially. In the USA it is called ARPA.

I pulled down a database of Russian IP’s used 4 commands:
cat banlist | tr ' ' '\n' > banlist <<- this command split the IP addresses into single IP per line
sed -i 's/^/deny from /' banlist <<– This command goes to the beginning of the line and inserts deny from
sed 's/$.0/.*/' banlist <<-Searches for .0 from the end of each line and replaces them with wildcards. Blocking potentially 65,025 domains at a time. Per line and there are 4,237 lines in code.
I did not stop there.
sed -i 's/\.255\>/.*/g' banlist <<- this was probably too “Greedy” That probably banned millions in one sweep because of the /g meaning global.

At the end of the day, I banned the entire country. Sorry, Russia. I do think I may have hit a couple in Finland as well. A few bad Apples will screw things up for all.

I am sorry for 2 reasons.
1. I blocked any of our Russian users.
2. Potentially blocked other users we have in other countries such as Finland.

Then I fixed the website 😉

The New hosting company is THE BOMB! Please note I did use an affiliate link. They transferred and set up the website for me. I used the “Honey” addon and it saved me almost $400.00 for a 4-year plan. I was not going to do that, but it saves you 20%. I do not want the money.

Do you have a website? I am going to provide you with the ban list I generated. All you need to do is open your .htaccess (hidden file) file and add that to the beginning of the file. I have been asked, what are you going to do when China does the same? I will rinse and repeat. I can promise you it stops right now, they are wondering how I did that. They actually want to know how I got that list. Ukraine is rolling on the forum as if they own it. Safe haven, I am happy to provide. Even if it is virtual. I am probably the last guy you want to mess with.

Enjoy your website back,


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Not 100%

by on Apr.24, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Let me tell you about this hosting company. Php version is not set to yet, at least we have a functioning website. A fast one to top it off. As soon as I degrade the PHP version 5.7.4 it is on. They took the time to import it and get it functioning. Most hosting providers do not do that. They are awesome. I have a 97% effectiveness. I am going to request them to degrade php 7.28. If it is not broken, do not fix it.

Once it is fixed I will tell you who they are. It is still broken because of php. I am over there looking at 80,000 79K to be honest, they did take the beating. This website takes a beating, way beyond that. That is daily.

They have better stats than the current hosting company. I can see it hour by hour. I do have 10 of them. The tech was right on top of asking me to add him to my LinkedIn account. He knows who I am. I am like a celebrity in the computer world.

The Forum is partially back up. SSL security all that good stuff.

This I want you to pay attention to:
In total there are 28 users online :: 2 registered, 0 hidden and 26 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)
Most users ever online was 4597 on Wed Oct 07, 2020 3:56 am

That is almost 5,000 users in 5 minutes. If I make an announcement here what happens? Do you find it ironic I see Millions? I still would not register. They told me 18 hours and we will bring up your website. It is up. I am going to ask them to degrade php. If it is not broken do not fix it. I want you to think about that if in 5 minutes One website is pulling in 80K people? Main is in the millions. I mean per day.

I scare the hell out of Facebook, now you know why. You do know I write software right? I hate to end it this way, but Facebook can suck a dick. I make you look like a joke.


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Please don’t bother…

by on Apr.23, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I would suggest NOT registering on the forum until I get it back up to normal. I paid for 4 years of premium hosting under a new service. They set up a generic phpbb & within minutes I already have a new user registered. You are wasting your time. I have to upload 9.1GB of files and restore the database, it will be a long minute. No data will be lost. Please be patient with me. I will let you know when all is good. I will tell you this they made set-up a breeze even if I was a new user. I will not tell you the hosting company yet.

Thanks for your patience,


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Darkness Settles In.

by on Mar.19, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I am bringing you a storm.

I am going to be easy about what is coming your way.

Ram Booter is a reality

I wish I could tell you what is coming. I am going to shut down that server, I do not need it. I wish I could share with you the software I am writing does. When I am done it is all over but the crying. They say a picture says a thousand words, that video must scream a million. I am TheeMahn.

I went from 6.7 Developer to 7.5

I launched an application I am writing (ue-tweaker) went from Ultimate Edition Developer 6.7 LTS to Ultimate Edition Developer 7.5 LTS. Focal based to Jammy based to put it in perspective. All in-house servers are now down.

I want you to think about this I skipped 7 Operating Systems I have wrote LTS to LTS.


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