Ultimate Edition 2.4

NOTE: This page is incomplete and a copy of UE 2.3 page until I have time to update it. Please consider this page as work in progress. I started writing this webpage the 7th of November & a lot has happened to me and have not had the time to finish it however since the 7th of November forum users have been downloading and enjoying UE 2.4. I have helped a family member paint her house & the last 3 days I have been in bed with something quite nasty, flu? I do not know.

I would also like to ask everyone to please use a mirror other then MAIN as it has seen almost 400 TB of traffic so far this month. If it goes down all sites will go down, you have been warned. The warning was not heeded & we were shutdown. I asked them to delete the ueteam folder. You will now get Ultimate Edition 2.4 only from mirrors & I have now decided never to host a new release, you guys shut me down every time. I was just trying to help with the load…

Apache: 31 requests/sec – 280.5 MB/second – 9.1 MB/request
266 requests currently being processed, 84 idle workers
Apache Uptime 27 minutes 49 seconds

Top: 136: downloadue.info (76: /ueteam/ultimate-edition-2.4-x86.iso)

Is it better I try and help and all websites go down, total disruption of all services? How about this? I host it to admin / mirrors / beta testers & mods? I have made my decision. This page will not be updated until we leave Distrowatch‘s homepage.

You can probably learn more about the release as well as accurate screenshots and downloads from the forum.

11/27/09: I am sorry if this page seems like a ton of edits a solution is in works, hopefully we can have in place by time of UE 2.5 release a single click option for downloading. Load / country balancing. To the end user a click and not care where it comes from, but to know your best option is computer generated based on where you live and the load on the servers. Using this method you will be unable to click “main”, perhaps I will stay up & can help.

Traffic on this server has only once dropped below 50,000 views in a day (since this release), I will not adjust this site as far as download links until this system is in place. I feel I can handle up to 1/2 a million a day w/o issue, provided that is all I did (just webpages). I prefer to help & host the O/S as well. This will not happen overnight. Current outgoing traffic for those that care; remember I do not host UE 2.4 anymore 432356 GB this month. I was wanting to see 1/2 a petabyte this month. Then again this month is not over 🙂

Ultimate Edition 2.4




Ultimate Edition 2.4?

    What is Ultimate Edition 2.4? Ultimate Edition 2.4 was built off Ubuntu Karamic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) all upgrades pre-installed as of current. This release is the largest release to date (minus gamers) and is absolutely loaded with excellent tools many new to Ultimate Edition. This distro is lightning quick on bootup. I must apologize the USplash does however flicker on the screen when live; once installed works as expected. I do not want to point fingers on whose fault it is. Please enjoy ladies and gents. A ton of work went into making this distro, more then any other previous. I did have to learn a bunch.





Ultimate Edition 2.4 Screenshots & Screencast

Screencast will be user generated, I now step down from promoting what I write.


Booting Live DVD:

Ultimate Edition 2.4 Initial boot screen Ultimate Edition 2.4 Desktop


Ultimate Edition 2.4 Installation Ultimate Edition 2.4 Installation Ultimate Edition 2.4 Partitioning Ultimate Edition 2.4 Partitioning
Ultimate Edition 2.4 User Info Ultimate Edition 2.4 User Info Installing Installation Complete


Ultimate Edition 2.4 Accessories Ultimate Edition 2.4 Games Ultimate Edition 2.4 Graphic tools Ultimate Edition 2.4 Internet tools
Office tools Programming tools System tools System tools

Eyecandy & Extras:

Ultimate Edition 2.4 restricted drivers Ultimate Edition 2.4 Themes Ultimate Edition 2.4 Compiz Ultimate Edition 2.4 Backgrounds
Ultimate Edition 2.4 Gadgets Ultimate Edition 2.4 Ultamatix


The default background changes color depending on the time of day.



PLEASE SEE Forum Thread for details.
Sorceforge 25 mirrors

UE Mirror Brain
Ultimate Edition Network


Thanks to: JonaLinux, unixheads, University of Maryland, l337buntu, Cavedog for mirrors & Admin / mods / beta testers.


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