I stopped taking donations in 2014.  Why?

I make good money & can afford to pay for it all. I leave this page here to pay homage to those that did help keep this website and Operating System afloat 6 years ago (07/29/20).  Did you know some people think if they are a donor that entitles them the right to form your Operating System?  That is long gone.  You can not buy in here.  I do not care if you offer to drop Millions in my lap.  Advertisements are gone too BTW.
Lets Roll back to 2014…
Why donate money
? Ultimate Edition is free. I am sorry I have to ask for donations, but the advertisements just are not cutting it. We have 9 websites / domains this is not cheap, over the years I have paid for out of my pocket.
How is the money used? The money is used to finance the needs of the distribution, to pay for hosting, domain renewals and to purchase equipment. If you wish the money to be used for a specific reason please include as a note when donating.

We are offering the users who donate to be listed here. We have since added donors to be listed within the O/S.

Ultimate Edition Donators

If you would like to be Anonymous or not disclose the amount please specify nickname etc. I am sure the list below will grow. If you would like to be listed via country please provide “United States” for example in the comment section in paypal checkout. I am no longer “requiring” a address.

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