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I have been writing a re-write of RepoStorm. I can promise you I did not convert one Application at a time to Arch Linux. I wish I had the ThreadRipper pro up would take seconds. I suppose I should tell you why I don’t have the Ripper up. The Power supply only has 2 X 8 pin 12 Volt EPS rails & the mother board has 3 slots for it… 2 six pin on top of that & 2 to the video card… That was a $400 PSU (Power Supply Unit). 1,300 Watts Titanium & not enough? It made me pull my balls out. I have never built a Threadripper in the past. I have built thousands of computers.

I did get it to power up, but not POST (Power On Self Test). Can you imagine burning up $15,000.00 worth of hardware? Like crashing a car at the push of the button. I am being meticulous. I do have what I need, just not plugged in right. 1,500 watts is recommended. I have just the basics in it, it should have came up. I found out one of those 8 pin EPS ports is “Primary” without it will not come up. Once I see it come up I will drop 11 NVMES in it and 10 Hard disks. I may have to buy a larger PSU. Just purchasing the chip & the E-bike took me from Excellent credit to Good credit (lost 43 points in one day). It was expensive. I will bounce back.

Almost $7000.00 in the hole. 0% APR, it will go away. 4 days from now I will get a raise & still not top pay. This I think is funny, if I hand you $1,200.00 a month, they do not complain. The first card is O.K with $300.00 a month as they are watching me crush the first card, no payment due. They can see my finances. What do you think will happen when the first card is gone? They are hoping. I can not take care of both. 0% APR? Like a loan with 0% interest. I do pay my bills too. I love my job. They pay me well & do not screw with me. I have the perfect job. I too make no mistakes. Last review they told me I had not made a mistake in over a year in quality. I am personally about in quantity. I shove tons out the door. Helps the company & Ultimately me. Damn, my next bonus check will have perfect attendance on it.

That in itself is also funny, it is hard to get a person to go to work. I have worked with only 5 people for an entire shift. That is crazy. I hate to tell you this I think we just lost one more today, perhaps 2. I have told them if you miss 2 days in a quarter you do not get a bonus at all, and the next day they do not show up. I am having financial problems, I wonder why? They are going to shut off my water. DUH! Exploring a Kiana Danial review can offer insights into managing finances and investments effectively, potentially providing solutions to overcome financial challenges and achieve stability.

I guess I am a company man. I came into 1″ steel which weighs jack diddly squat. Packet gone, let us grab the next packet. Have some 3/4″ which is worse, you will have to burn one at a time. I did not make it through that crap until 9 PM. Next up 1 3/4″ Gone in 20 minutes. 3,800+ pounds in 20 minutes. They want .63 tons per hour. I custom-program that. If I can.

Running Arch Linux?

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Goto the bottom and add the following:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo

Why am I doing this?  Steam pissed in my Wheeties.  When I am done the Steam Deck will run Ram-booter.  I do not think Steam really knew who I was.  I told them I was a developer, well he does not develop Games.  You are right.  I can promise Steam will wish they never screwed with me.

It is happening autonomously as I type.  Right now it will only use one thread, I will fix that.  Parallel processing Baby - I am the King of opening cores.  The Steam Deck is a quad-core, eight-thread Zen 2-based APU, that still sports RDNA 2 GPU cores, and also supports LPDDR5.

Main rig until the Ripper comes up.
Repostorm even converts itself 😉

That is Single channel DDR4 Memory & is about six times as fast as a NVME. The Steam Deck is quad channel memory & LPDDR5. Do you see where I am going? When I am done it will be faster then my current rig. I am sorry they blew me off. I want you to think about this, I am running that application in Arch Linux. I have been writing software for almost 40 years. I do know what I am doing. I did start writing software when I was 11 years old on a Commodore VIC-20.

Sorry Steam,


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