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by on Aug.12, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I did have to order it 3 times, but a ThreadRipper Pro 5975WX is coming. That is the latest Gen ThreadRipper Pro Zen 3 Architecture. 32 core 64 Thread Monster. That is just the chip, I already have had the rest for over a year in total. Did you know it smokes even the fastest CPU money can buy in Gaming minus the AMD 5900X3D. AMD Ryzen 7000 series is coming in September. In Intel Land, there is absolutely ZERO that can touch it and I mean even in the server area. The chip is classified as an HEDT (High-End Desktop) or Sworkstation, they are NASTY. I do write software to boot from RAM. On the ThreadRipper Pro will be 8 channels. The Steam Deck is a quad Channel. I did offer to help them. We will talk about Steam deck at the end.

I did not buy it to play games I can assure you of that. Expensive sure, fast? Phenomenally. I do write software for multi-core or Parallel processing software. Get ‘r done.

It gets better. They were nice enough to deny my new credit card.

ThreadRipper Pro 5975WX inbound? 32 core 64 thread. Only $4,190.00?

Like I said it does get better:

Still gets better…

I went to Amazon to check on whether it had been shipped it has not thanked God. Had customer support call me. Found it on Amazon’s website $500.00 less. They canceled it without me canceling and restarting the process. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Those drives are filling BTW. 1/2 a GB a second across the network. Dual 10 Gigabit Fiber. They will drop in the ThreadRipper Pro. Most people do not understand just how fast they are. In Linux I do not deal with schedulers. Windows is poor in its support of a chip of that caliber. It is almost like an Epyc, faster in most cases.

The first Intel chip I see is almost $9000.00 and it is way below what is coming. If you look at the money, I probably made the best decision, however if money was no object should have waited until September 15th. I am sure they will drop the 5995WX, you can get them on EBay for $9,999.00 used. I hate price gougers.

They evidently are not going to release the top dog chip the ThreadRipper Pro 5995WX until September 15th. MSRP on that chip? $6500.00. I have waited a year to the day. I will take what I can get. I already have had the rest. Funny, I was reading that link & Steam sent me a link to buy my steam deck. Ironically Steam deck shut down my ability to buy a steam deck today. I did file a support ticket. We will see how that goes. They only gave me 72 hours to buy it. I do work. $3500.00 does not sound so bad now does it, yes you have to pay the tax man. Both are coming.

The steam deck is on its way.

What do you think I will do with that? Play Games? I bet you are wrong.

The game is about to change,


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