The ripper is up!

by on Sep.10, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome Aboard. TheeMahn’s new Rig.

I am happy as a lark to see it POST (Power On Self Test) for the first time. I will have to build it up, drives etc. I don’t even have a keyboard hooked up yet lol. Yes, I do see it complaining about insufficient power. It has a 1300 Watt power supply. I will have to move one of the 12 volt EPS rails to a higher slot. That board will take up to 3 of them and 2 X 12 volt six pin connectors. Just the CPU alone will suck up 280 Watts. Currently, I have not seen it in action, rest assured it is coming.

Just wanted to share the good news. That build scared me. Just because of the amount of money involved. I am so happy to see it post. I hope to never build one again. I just ate it and ordered another 12 Volt EPS cable. I will not run it w/o it. I do not know if they shorted me a cable or if I lost it. Took me a year to build it. A lot can happen in a year.

Don’t know what a ThreadRipper Pro is?


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