Ultimate Arch Minimal?

by on Mar.05, 2024, under Ultimate Edition

Right from the top to the bottom.
I recently made an Ultimate Arch Developer Edition. Now let us twist this up. I dropped to the bottom a “Minimal Edition”, no GUI will work great for a “Server Edition”. Bigger plans are coming from TMOSB (TheeMahn’s O/S Builder).

Back to the roots. Built a Minimal Ultimate Arch Linux. From the top straight to the bottom. I want to be clear as to why is there no Icon theme. Or a theme? It is CLI (command Line Installed), which will be great for servers. I do have a ways to go.

Error no theme found or icons. I imagine not does not have a GUI (Graphical User Interface). It is the real deal.

I did have a co-worker ask me what I inferred with Intel. I don’t own one piece of Intel hardware or NVidia hardware the Wifey does, but I do not. Josh (FineTuch) a good buddy of mine brought over his laptop and worked flawlessly. Not this Operating system. I am at the bottom right now. What I am going to do? Command switch is driven to build a “Skeleton” for you. From the Bottom to the top as you ask.

Most people do not not know this I have been offered a 1/4 a million year to quit my job and build Operating Systems. I do that for free. At that point, I would have to build what they want. I have no boss when it comes to programming and being an Operating System Architect. I do whatever I want and like the freedom. I have said this 1,000 times before I am not here for the money. Let me be clear I do not have ads. I do not accept donations. How am I doing it? Petabytes of transfer if not Exabytes. I do write software for that too to calculate transfer up to Yottabytes. Google comes to mind.

Think I lie?

DISK Operations? – Taking a stab at calculating disk / file sizes smartly up to Yottabyte

Could easily roll up to a Geopbyte.

· 1 Bit = Binary Digit

· 8 Bits = 1 Byte

· 1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte

· 1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte

· 1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte

· 1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte

· 1024 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte

· 1024 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte

· 1024 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte

· 1024 Zettabytes = 1 Yottabyte

· 1024 Yottabytes = 1 Brontobyte

· 1024 Brontobytes = 1 Geopbyte

See additional code in the function FileSize to see how I did so using the array

defined below.

Accept it

The only way I would ever do that is if you have the exact mindset I have. I want to help my users. Simplicity.

Does it work? I’m glad I did not take the time to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) this page. It is coming. When I am done you will not have to know the command archinstall. I have already made it easier the command upgrade will upgrade your system w/o knowing sudo pacman -Syuu. I am trying to make it easier for you. I have been building Operating Systems since 2006 and writing software since I was 11. I am 53 years old, do the math on that one.

They do not piss with me at all.

I can not imagine why you wou would fuck with me at all. Facebook does put a delay on my posts. Do you realise the impact I have to you?

1024 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte I have 100% moved Petabytes. Look at the chart one guy. I am pushing Exabytes. I am going nowhere but up. I do have Phat servers. I think the slowest one is 10 Gigabit a second. I do write software for that too. I write software for 100 Gigabit. They love me. I may burn FaceBook out of my picture.

I dont like thier comunistic attitutde. You will not like me. I am about to fuck you up FaceBook. Can you monitor and change my website? I have not SEO’d my site and gain #1 position. What I ask I get. I don’t think you understand that yet.
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Ultimate Edition Arch Developer?

by on Feb.04, 2024, under Ultimate Edition

I need to have a development platform. I have successfully built it. I am sorry, I no longer support Ubuntu-based Operating systems, I have moved forward to Arch Linux. It is too still built from the ground up via tmosb (Theemahn’s Operating System builder). Automatically detects the platform and builds unimpeded. Converts apps from one O/S to the next via Repostorm. When you install it you do not have to set mountpoints, Scandrives is a part of the package ultimate-edition-optimizer, which scans and picks up your drives. UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer) sets the maximum throughput of your network. This is all done automatically. Nasup is there, however, I disabled it by default. I figure most people do not have NAS drives. I work for you, not against you.

But can you play Games? Please:

The answer is yes, no Starfield is not included, and no No Man’s Sky is also not included, will it play both yes. It has support for Intel, AMD and NVidia Graphics. Development apps are off the chain. This is a development Operating System not for gamers yet! TMOSB will see to that.

This is not a major release, please take it easy on my servers. It will be my daily driver. I am not going to wait until you drop my servers offline. I will drop it on SourceForge too. There is a slight learning curve going from Ubuntu to Arch, worth every penny of education.

People are already yanking on it.

Let’s start with Sourceforge, they have many more servers than I have It is mirroring:
Ultimate Edition Server

The results are the same:

[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$ ls -la ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 5949407232 Feb 4 19:10 ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$

[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$ md5sum ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
9e6c4a8caaab72bddefee6da2ffa9694 ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$

You do not want that O/S, it is made for development. Wait until you see what I do with it. I have Millions of downloads this is not a few kilobyte files. It is Gigabytes times Millions, do the math. That is called Petabytes. ExoBytes is next. I do know what I am doing. I am writing software to open your eyes. I was writing AI before AI existed. Let me take you to the next level.


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Ultimate Arch is online.

by on Nov.02, 2023, under Ultimate Edition

Be easy with me.

I just put Ultimate Arch online today and built the Ultimate Arch website online in one evening.


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Shall we play a Game?

by on Jul.25, 2023, under Ultimate Edition

It is the works.

Repostorm has stepped up to the plate. While it may seem minuscule is large and in charge.

I am thinking a Gamers is coming for Ultimate Arch. My programming skills are untouched.

Looks like it failed does it not? I can assure you it did not. I did not have enough DDR5 memory to build it:

Why am I transferring it to a “Boot” drive? I would have to say to test it. Let’s try and figure out what I am doing. Let’s step back, what it is? Well, I would have to concede it is based on Arch Linux not Ubuntu. My God 20.3 GB in size. Well, I can see Gamers in its name. Damn, I can see you built it today.

Must be a bunch of Games, yes that is true. What you can’t see is the integration in software and drivers to allow you to play AAA Windows games natively. I do not care if NVidia & I really do hate them, Intel or AMD Graphics. It gets way better than that. I do know that is what you want.

It is currently untested, so I can not currently tell you what it really is. I have been building Operating Systems since 2006 & writing software for over 40 years.

Makes me sound old does it not? I was 11 years old when I started writing software, self-taught. I did try and boot it a malicious failure. I am O.K with that I will fix that. The results will be massive. I do work through error after error. The results are always phenomenal. I have released multiple Operating Systems. Exobytes of transfer. I do know what I am doing.

Repostrom advances daily & I would not have to fuck with it. It is very smart right now. I have been offered $250K a year and turned it down. It is not about the money for me. Yes, it does have AI, I was writing that shit back in the early 2000’s Before AI existed.

Did you know I wrote this over ten years ago, feel like I lied to you. The program was originally called “repomaster” Way over 10 years. You just got to see it.


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Innovation at its finest

by on May.27, 2023, under Ultimate Edition

New toy? I don’t typically talk about products I buy & I do buy a bunch of them. This product is so good I have bought 2 of them and I am considering buying not just a third one, but a fourth one. I will be forthcoming, it is not cheap. What is it?

Minisforum HX99G

That is a Miniforums HX99G if you want to build your own or Amazon (no I am not a sponsor). I have shut down the ThreadRipper Pro. What? Hear me out, the ThreadRipper Pro has a 1,300 Watt PSU (Power Supply Unit). Like running a microwave 24/7. Power Hog. This little Mini PC uses Laptop parts and overvolts them in innovative design. AMD is meticulous to watch temps & throttle the chip. Well, this unit has liquid metal cooling, so does not overheat and is whisper silent.

My QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) is much louder, lacks the CPU to even move files at 20 Gigabit and I hate it. I have lost 70 Terabytes 3 times! Raid 5 – 9 Drives 5 X 14TB (51TB usable) and 4 X 2TB SSDs for cache, every time the firmware updates I am reformating / re-loading it. I may buy the fourth one to build an NVME-based NAS. It does have dual USB 4 ports capable of 40 Gigabits per second each (more on that later). What is the third one for? I am getting ahead of myself. I bought the first one for the Wifey & told her if you do not want it I would pay for it and would be mine. She loved it and has been paying me back. Damn, buy another one for you. That is the current situation.

What makes it so special TheeMahn? I am not going to recreate the wheel, it has been reviewed multiple times. It is a nasty tiny unit. I do want to take the time to point out it does have an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Integrated Graphics if you will on the CPU, however, I turned that off in the BIOS, why? Because it also has a discrete GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) aka Dedicated Graphics. Slow, I do not think so. Almost as soon as it arrived here I did buy 2 X 4TB NVME’s for it and upgraded it which was a breeze. Re-installed Windows 11, which was a pain in the ass with no internet. Windows 11 did not know what 2.5 Gigabit networking was or Wireless 6E was, which sucked.

Ultimate Edition Arch to the rescue. Picked everything up just fine, and used it to download drivers for Windows 11. Dual boot welcome aboard. Installed flawlessly.

I have played the game Starfield on it with Ultra settings at 4K with AMD FSR 2.0 and is buttery smooth. I really think most people are underestimating this MiniPC.

Current Issues? I did say I would open your eyes to 40 Gigabit. My entire house has 80 Gigabit Fiber Fiber Optics aka SFP+. They do make a converter USB 4 to SFP+, a single 10 Gigabit converter is $399.00, $900.00 for dual 10 Gigabit. USB 4 is a 40 Gigabit port, which should be spit, it is an emerging technology.

Just because it is a “Mini PC” does that mean I can not access 100TB of data? Nasup to the rescue. Space is the final frontier. Screw with me again FaceBook. I will be your nemesis. I highly suggest putting me on your “Do not fuck with this guy list”. Do you know how much traffic I see daily as an Operating System Architect? I will fuck you up, don’t do it again. I was nice enough to warn you.

I will let you know this too, there is no way to block any post I make here. I own multiple websites. Think before you react. One thing you do not want is for me to be mad. Did you know where I currently work, I was accused 7 times of dropping a 4.48B company, I quit that shit a long time ago. Idle threat? Very capable, I move forward in life positively. I have well over a 1/4 of a Million users, I have no control over what they do. Every one of those is high-end users. I can not stress that enough.

Please do not be deceived:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX with Radeon Graphics resonating at 4933 Mhz (BogoMips: 6590.71)
64 Bit O/S detected.
16 CPU core(s) Detected.
Update interval set: 0 seconds
Memory: 65,620,604,000 bytes (62Gi)

Yes, I did upgrade the RAM too and dropped in 2 X 32 GB DDR5 5600 sticks – Kingston Fury easy peasy. Very beneficial to an APU. I wanted the RAM space, not the video performance. AMD now has them coming out with a faster APU & RAM. Intel may be in deep shit. Those are Laptop parts (the bottom of the stack). If a tiny PC dropped my ThreadRipper Pro offline, can you imagine what is at the top of the stack? I mean at the server level. That is why I am an AMD man. After running it for a month, the first thing I saw was my electric bill cut in half. I still have the ThreadRipper Pro if I need it I will use it.

Deception? I did bring that up, right? Surely a 780M is faster than the 680M in my mini PC, right? It sure is. How about the 6800M discrete graphics card? That is why it is “Special”, sure I will pay extra. Emerging technologies are slower than what I have. Do your due diligence and research before you buy anything. If I opened just one person’s eyes. I did my job. I planted a seed. At the same token, I can promise you RAM speed is not going to slow down, with APU traumatic effects will transpire.

You will probably not believe what I am going to tell you. AMD has stackable chips as well as I/O. I am not going to give you a link, I did read it today. Until it is set in stone. Infinite. If true Nvidia spread your cheeks too. This is different than X3D, I mean stacking chips physically. So like 2 X 7800X3D on top of each other. 1,000 of them if you want to. They have to be the same. Am I letting the cat out of the bag? I can not confirm it yet. If true they will have no competition period.


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Let’s Rock! Arch!

by on Dec.30, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Arch is at your feet.

It was a learning curve. You can not hide from me. That is now the final product. I have been told my beta products are better than the other’s final products. A treat is coming.

Ultimate Arch Linux

It was a huge educational tour for me, yes I have it installed. I modified Repostorm to convert software as well as make it build repositories, multiple at that.

This is the final product:

I will write a post, it is different. I will get you on board. I will not waste my time pulling in more views. Mirrors are coming up.

I want you to understand, I used the original post to slow down traffic. It will be heavy at first, and a bunch worse if I made a new post. I can not wait to tell you what I changed since that video. An extra 80,000 apps coming your way. Let the storm calm down & I will tell you all about it.


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Reality Sinks in.

by on Nov.22, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Did you think I was lying?

One thing I do not do is lie. Yes, that is installed. Supports UEFI, syslinux (non UEFI) secure boot, line it up. It is online. Smokes the breaks of Ultimate Edition Linux, yes it is Arch based. Does it have Ultimate Edition Linux software built in? The answer is yes again. Repostorm took care of that & yes it is built in. Does it have a GUI based installer? Once again yes.

What is a Rolling release? There is no Ultimate Edition 7.7 release, it just keeps rolling. Software automatically updates. I went though hell to ensure that is exactly what happens.

It is coming to the world. I want you to think about this I can drop a command:
repostorm –convert pithos # and convert an app from Ubuntu to Ultimate Arch

I probably have the largest repo on the Internet, probably because I have already done that for you. There is a learning curve. It you can take that a large transformation. try this sudo pacman -Syuu ultimate-edition-themes


Oh, that is right you do not have it yet.

I wonder who converted all those packages? Not me, Repostorm did. Do you see the size?

Maybe I do not know what I am talking about. I have only been writing software for 40 years. An awaking is coming & I hope it is not rude. I can not be stopped. I hope they work with me not against me. It will happen one way or the other. I have 2 flaws in others’ eyes:
#1 I am cocky.
#2 I am condensending.

I am sorry, that is me. What is my name? Don’t take the time to call me a Narcissistic personality, I already know it. I am a Mensa, not by choice. I do not have time for Mickey mouse bullshit. I am very aware of who I am and my capabilities. If I can scare the hell out of the military, what I am going to do? They watch me all the time. I do swear that is true.

Did you know when I took the ASVAB & results came back they wanted me to be a Ballistic Nuclear technician? I knew zero about nuclear physics, that is O.K. they will teach you. I do have a phenomenal ability to learn. It is what it is. They dropped me in the Mensa tank. I did not ask for it. Do you think for one second they will not continue watching me? I have built software for USAF, rest assured they know who I am. I was in the Navy.

Did you know if America asked to drop this country or that, I am your man? Easy peasy. I have written software you have not seen yet. I have removed Russia from the forums 99% effectiveness, that is just banning. I could return the favor. Would be 100% if I start being like they are doing. I would shut them all down.


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Rolling… Things change

by on Nov.14, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I have your back

That is a rolling release, no version Ultimate Edition 7.7. One thing I can see it is lightning fast. As soon as I build the core files it is coming. Repostorm is right behind it to fill in the gaps. I have err Reposorm has cross-platform built software. It is a scary app. I told you that years ago. It runs on both platforms.

What does this mean Glenn? I am building a “rolling” release. I bet I have been asked a thousand times to do so.

[theemahn@JackTheRipper ~]$ sudo pacman -Syuu ultimate-edition-themes

looking for conflicting packages…

Packages (56) ultimate-edition-female-themes-1.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-icons-baby-blue-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-dark-glow-0.0.2-1 ultimate-edition-icons-dark-one-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-gold-0.0.1-1
ultimate-edition-icons-light-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-icons-red-0.0.1-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.0-3.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.1-3.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.2-3.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.3-3.3.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-3.4-3.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.5-3.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.6-3.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.7-3.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.8-3.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-3.9-3.9.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-4.0-4.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.1-4.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.2-4.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.3-4.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.4-4.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.5-4.5.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-4.6-4.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.7-4.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.8-4.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-4.9-4.9.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.0-5.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.1-5.1.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-5.2-5.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.3-5.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.4-5.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.5-5.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.6-5.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.7-5.7.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-5.8-5.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-5.9-5.9.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.0-6.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.1-6.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.2-6.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.3-6.3.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-6.4-6.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.5-6.5.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.6-6.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.7-6.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.8-6.8.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-6.9-6.9.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-7.0-7.0.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.1-7.1.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.2-7.2.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.3-7.3.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.4-7.4.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.5-7.5.0-1
ultimate-edition-theme-7.6-7.6.0-1 ultimate-edition-theme-7.7-7.7.0-1 ultimate-edition-themes-1.5-1

Total Installed Size: 1807.79 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

Repostorm converted all those packages above. Not to be taken lightly, it also built the repository in a foreign O/S. Not like it is small data: Total Installed Size: 1807.79 MiB. Repostorm has handled Terabytes of data.


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Not in vain

by on Sep.24, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

I do not care 1,000 cores.

I guess I did, I was downloading over 4 million files at the same time, 10 at a time. I will shut down the SledgeHammer, the Jackhammer is offline. JackTheRipper is w/o a doubt the fastest computer I have ever seen. Quite an endorsement coming from me. Yes, it is that fast. 1 computer will totally replace 3 servers and a desktop. 120 TeraBytes of space (almost an 1/8th of a PetaByte in just one computer). I can always turn on the Sledgehammer or Legion to retrieve data. I did sell Legion 2.

Welcome aboard JackTheRipper. As it sits:

Data flows. I can promise you shit is getting done so fast it scares the competition, I am sorry what competition? Is that Ultimate Edition 7.7? Did I miss something? Just so you know I upgraded to 7.7 with just a command dropped in the terminal. A rolling release? That was a bunch of money. I am going to use it to its full potential. I hope you know Repostorm now builds Arch Linux packages as well as Arch Linux Repositories. You better watch your ass Steam Deck. Currently, I am working on getting a drive replaced. I will tell you how that goes. I have bought 11 X 14TB drives from them and not one return. I think they sent me a bad apple. I am still waiting for their response.

If they do not make it right, I will contact Amazon to get a refund & never buy from them again. Do you know how much money that is? The first 4 I bought were $350.00 a piece. I broke one, my bad. Now have bought 2 more actually 3. All I can say is they better make it right. If they find out who I am, I can promise you they will make it right. Could be a huge loss or gain in their business. How much traffic do you think this site sees on a daily basis? I will try to open your eyes: 204,943 registered users, just this site. How many sites do I own?

Did you know after I bought Legion, the same guy sent me a free server faster than the one I bought? Sales… The traffic I do have. I am positive he has more than made his money back. Once he seen the sales, I am sure he thought & contacted me, can I send you a free server? Well, that is a no-brainer. Just so you know the entire ThreadRipper Pro system I paid for out of pocket. There is nothing adjusting my thoughts.

What would happen if I introduce “Free Games” exclusively to the Steam Deck? You can see I have the ability. How large is that repository? Thank you Repostorm & autonomously built. Did you think I was fucking with you?

What part of the developer did you not understand Steam? I will take a large chunk of your users. I did not fuck up, you did, and now you will pay. Are all free games not attractive? You will beg me to stop. You probably fucked with the wrong guy.

Surely free games to the steam deck will not exist:
FREE STEAM DECK Games, I bet I own that website. I am just warming up. I just bought the domain, I mean business. let me tell you how this is going to work, I am not just a CEO, I am a webmaster. Let’s take the time and search on google for “Ultimate Edition” #1 result you are coming to see me. Does Microsoft not make a Ultimate Edition? If I can overtake Microsoft and have for years, what do you think will happen when I unleash on the Steam Deck? Pay close attention, the word is free. I just dropped steam. People will search for free steam games. I have got you. I am a scary fella in what I do.


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Jack the Ripper is almost done.

by on Sep.20, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

9 of 11 Raided NVME’s

Impressive? Sure, but does not hold a candle to the speed of the ECC (Error Correction & Control) RAM (Random Access Memory). I told you I was building a monster. It will smoke anything sold at Leveno at $15,000.00. Did I mention my CPU is overclockable? I have no desire to do so, I watched ue-theme builder build more themes in less than 1 and a half minutes. More than 5 times faster than an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. No not in RAM and no not on raided NVMES. It is probably beyond 10-fold at that point.

Money well spent.

8 Channel ECC Memory (256GB)

The fastest computer I have ever had the privilege to sit behind. I am still not done. I broke the SATA Power connector off one of the 4 X 14TB enterprise hard drives & lost 56TB of data, do not worry the server has a backup of all info. I will just order a new 14TB drive and pull all the data off the network.

Do you think the raided NVME’s are fast? When RamBooter says 29.4 GB a sec, it means 29.4GB a sec read and write speed. Faster than 9 NVMES raided. Rambooter is about to come off the chain. The Steam Deck is Quad Channel RAM, do you see where I am going? If you play with fire, you will get burnt. I did try and help Steam, now you will deal with me. I am not a developer, right? I have got you. Steam what were you thinking? Because I don’t make games? What I am developing is no game. I ordered 2 of them, if I have a failure, will rebuild the raid array from here forward $356.00 I do not care about money. Took me a year to build it, be here Thursday. A turning spare. I now have 10 X 14 TB Enterprise drives.

I actually have greater than a 1/4 of a Petabyte of space all drives added up. That is A LOT!!! NO, I am not a data center. I do make sure I do not lose data and make it very fast. I did lose 56 TB and was nothing to me.


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