Ultimate Edition Arch Developer?

by on Feb.04, 2024, under Ultimate Edition

I need to have a development platform. I have successfully built it. I am sorry, I no longer support Ubuntu-based Operating systems, I have moved forward to Arch Linux. It is too still built from the ground up via tmosb (Theemahn’s Operating System builder). Automatically detects the platform and builds unimpeded. Converts apps from one O/S to the next via Repostorm. When you install it you do not have to set mountpoints, Scandrives is a part of the package ultimate-edition-optimizer, which scans and picks up your drives. UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer) sets the maximum throughput of your network. This is all done automatically. Nasup is there, however, I disabled it by default. I figure most people do not have NAS drives. I work for you, not against you.

But can you play Games? Please:

The answer is yes, no Starfield is not included, and no No Man’s Sky is also not included, will it play both yes. It has support for Intel, AMD and NVidia Graphics. Development apps are off the chain. This is a development Operating System not for gamers yet! TMOSB will see to that.

This is not a major release, please take it easy on my servers. It will be my daily driver. I am not going to wait until you drop my servers offline. I will drop it on SourceForge too. There is a slight learning curve going from Ubuntu to Arch, worth every penny of education.

People are already yanking on it.

Let’s start with Sourceforge, they have many more servers than I have It is mirroring:
Ultimate Edition Server

The results are the same:

[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$ ls -la ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 5949407232 Feb 4 19:10 ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$

[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$ md5sum ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
9e6c4a8caaab72bddefee6da2ffa9694 ultimate-arch-developer-2024.02.04-x86_64.iso
[theemahn@theemahn-hx99g out]$

You do not want that O/S, it is made for development. Wait until you see what I do with it. I have Millions of downloads this is not a few kilobyte files. It is Gigabytes times Millions, do the math. That is called Petabytes. ExoBytes is next. I do know what I am doing. I am writing software to open your eyes. I was writing AI before AI existed. Let me take you to the next level.


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