Reality Sinks in.

by on Nov.22, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Did you think I was lying?

One thing I do not do is lie. Yes, that is installed. Supports UEFI, syslinux (non UEFI) secure boot, line it up. It is online. Smokes the breaks of Ultimate Edition Linux, yes it is Arch based. Does it have Ultimate Edition Linux software built in? The answer is yes again. Repostorm took care of that & yes it is built in. Does it have a GUI based installer? Once again yes.

What is a Rolling release? There is no Ultimate Edition 7.7 release, it just keeps rolling. Software automatically updates. I went though hell to ensure that is exactly what happens.

It is coming to the world. I want you to think about this I can drop a command:
repostorm –convert pithos # and convert an app from Ubuntu to Ultimate Arch

I probably have the largest repo on the Internet, probably because I have already done that for you. There is a learning curve. It you can take that a large transformation. try this sudo pacman -Syuu ultimate-edition-themes


Oh, that is right you do not have it yet.

I wonder who converted all those packages? Not me, Repostorm did. Do you see the size?

Maybe I do not know what I am talking about?


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