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by on Sep.20, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

9 of 11 Raided NVME’s

Impressive? Sure, but does not hold a candle to the speed of the ECC (Error Correction & Control) RAM (Random Access Memory). I told you I was building a monster. It will smoke anything sold at Leveno at $15,000.00. Did I mention my CPU is overclockable? I have no desire to do so, I watched ue-theme builder build more themes in less than 1 and a half minutes. More than 5 times faster than an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. No not in RAM and no not on raided NVMES. It is probably beyond 10-fold at that point.

Money well spent.

8 Channel ECC Memory (256GB)

The fastest computer I have ever had the privilege to sit behind. I am still not done. I broke the SATA Power connector off one of the 4 X 14TB enterprise hard drives & lost 56TB of data, do not worry the server has a backup of all info. I will just order a new 14TB drive and pull all the data off the network.

Do you think the raided NVME’s are fast? When RamBooter says 29.4 GB a sec, it means 29.4GB a sec read and write speed. Faster than 9 NVMES raided. Rambooter is about to come off the chain. The Steam Deck is Quad Channel RAM, do you see where I am going? If you play with fire, you will get burnt. I did try and help Steam, now you will deal with me. I am not a developer, right? I have got you. Steam what were you thinking? Because I don’t make games? What I am developing is no game. I ordered 2 of them, if I have a failure, will rebuild the raid array from here forward $356.00 I do not care about money. Took me a year to build it, be here Thursday. A turning spare. I now have 10 X 14 TB Enterprise drives.

I actually have greater than a 1/4 of a Petabyte of space all drives added up. That is A LOT!!! NO, I am not a data center. I do make sure I do not lose data and make it very fast. I did lose 56 TB and was nothing to me.


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