The Hammer is about to drop

by on Aug.26, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

Steam Deck is in house
Software does not stop

Sorry Steam! Why did you not treat me as a developer?

WTF were you thinking? I build Operating Systems & have for over 20 years. Your Steam deck uses Arch Linux. Took me one day to port my software to yours. You are fucked.

That is all I will say right now. Last check I am TheeMahn. What will happen tomorrow? I have a ThreadRipper Pro coming up tomorrow. I can promise you that you are hit in the mouth. I did offer to sell you my software. Now I will incorporate in an O/S I build & wipe you out. Mine will be free, and pretty hard to fuck with. Do you think I care about money? You are now screwed.

It is already in the works & just a matter of time. I do like Arch Linux, minus the learning curve. The same O/S Steam Deck uses. I could completely replace the O/S, why not do both? According to the info tool in Ram Booter will only be 5 times faster. I can’t wait to see ram-booter run on the ripper. It has 13 NVME’s won’t matter. I do not care if I had 50 NVME’s all raided, where does that data traverse? Through RAM. I just cut it out. The closer you get to the CPU the faster things get.

Let’s re-illiterate this Steam you are not only fucked, but you are screwed. I am a good guy I will let you know you should add Lutris (released today) to your repo minimally or incorporate it.

What a nice guy, I won’t for the most part tell you what I am doing.


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