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by on Aug.05, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

I seen today we lost our Australian friends down under. Blackwolf’s Ultimate Edition forum is no more. He remains our top dog on our main forum. I wish he would have expressed monetary problems to me, thus I assume. It is certainly not free to run a website, I can assure you with the highest regard he will be missed. If I can fix it I will.

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Did you say PI?

by on Jul.28, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Let’s get the introduction out of the way:
Many will think an introduction is unnecessary, I am fairly well known in the Linux community. We get new users all the time, so I do deem it necessary to introduce myself. I am Glenn Cady better known via my nickname “TheeMahn” on the Internet. I have been writing software in excess of 30 years steadily approaching 35 years. While it may appear to the untrained eye I have earned the nickname, many things happen behind the scenes that most users are not aware of. I would like to take the time to make apparent.

Ultimate Edition as a whole has tons of beta testers (local and worldwide), moderators and administrators that not only test the Operating Systems that I build or that software I have written builds for them. They additionally test software I have written and take the time to answer your questions while I am busy programming and do so for free. I do want to give the Ultimate Edition community kudos, for allowing me to my job.

I will be updating Ultimate Edition Forum with information as I push forward.

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Ultimate 5.1?

by on Jul.22, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Pictures say a thousand words, surely a video says a million 😉

I wrote some code for the PI, which works perfectly extracting a PI image & it does not care who made it.


I have successfully built a Ultimate Edition 5.0 PI image, it is simply a matter of time to write code to re-build the image.


theemahn@ultimate:~$ uname -a
Linux ultimate 4.1.19-v7+ #858 SMP Tue Mar 15 15:56:00 GMT 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
theemahn@ultimate:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ultimate_Edition_Lite
Description: Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS
Release: 5.0
Codename: xenial

My building of images has been hit with a miss, extraction flawless 5 at a time. Ultimate Edition PI is coming. This also opens doors for phones.

Stay Tuned, I want XMAS in July.


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PI Here?

by on Jul.10, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

If you do not follow me on Facebook, Allow me to repeat myself: Rasberry PI 3 Class B has arrived today. It begins I have played with it, I can not imagine how many units have been sent back. The unit does not function until it has a viable O/S pre-loaded on a sdcard. I had it plugged into projection initially, did not boot with or without a card. Hooked it to a regular monitor HDMI to Dsub (9pin), thought I had a bad unit.


Hooked it to a 4K monitor through Eport, also failure. Loaded a Sdcard. Seen my first green light on the board, still nothing on my screen. Ripped the HDMI out of my PC shoved it into the board, guess what worked. I have big plans coming for the board. I will have to say my initial impression all the above behind wireless is crap. I am used to not waiting for anything in the era of computers, technology or wireless.

I have been told if I would have hard wired it, it is snappy. We will soon see. I ordered a Main board for an older Quad Core I have had sitting here for months on JUL 02, did not care when it arrived here, from China ETA: Wed, Jul 20 – Fri, Aug 05. Has 4 sata ports, the PI 3 has 4 USB ports To me it looks like the PI 3 is fighting a loosing battle. I do love speed in data transfer. One way or the other one of the two units will feed my house.

When I reboot or test an operating system I just built, people flock to my man-cave and ask me what are you doing? I just lost my movie I was watching, this will stop. I am going to break the chain. One way or the other.

I have since ordered a 32GB Samsung EVO+ to give the PI 3 Class B a chance, the best it can take. I initially intend for the PI3 or the Mainboard (both quad cores) I have en-route to replace my NAS (Network Attached Storage) system. It is pretty hard to replace the JackHammer (same rig that builds Ultimate Edition). I will blog about the outcome it in the future.

Just keeping you in the loop,


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Another LTS?

by on Jul.08, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

    I am working on Ultimate Edition 5.1 also a LTS for you KDE buffs:

gimp 5.1 kde1

    Just can’t wait to try out the theme?  Download Ultimate Edition 5.1 Theme.  I created the wallpaper using nothing but Gimp and a new Gimp scripts package I summoned up.  Time to load Ultimate Edition 5.1 out to a thumb drive and ensue testing.  It is coming.

Stay tuned,


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New: Long Term Supported Releases.

by on Jul.07, 2016, under Ultimate Edition


    Fantastic success on the first release of Ultimate Edition 5.0 Lite based on Mate.  It has been downloaded 20,000 times in about a week.  Additionally, what shocked me to see the 8 in one BluRay pounded over 2,000 times in a week that is a bunch of data flow when considered it is 23 Gigabytes with 18,000 or so X 3 Gigabytes as well.

    I have been busy.  I have dropped a new Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS Lite.  Hand built for the most part based on XFCE, smaller, tighter and faster:

Ultimate Edition 5.0 Lite - XFCE

Ultimate Edition 5.0 Lite – XFCE

Running Live, with a projector and 4K Monitor.

Running Live, with a projector and 4K Monitor.

Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 5.0
KERNEL: 4.4.0-30-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer: <theemahn@JackHammer>
Data Publisher: TMOSB <http://os-builder.com/>
Type: Lite
Default Desktop Environment(DE): XFCE
Isoname: ultimate-edition-5.0-x64-lite-xfce.iso
Installed Size: 6,067,134,464 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 5.0 “Xenial Xerus” – Release x64 (20160707)
Build logs:
URL: http://ultimateedition.info/ultimate-edition/ultimate-edition-5-0-lts/

Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

    It can be downloaded from the Ultimate Edition 5.0 Page. We are far from done, I have also been asked for a LXDE and a Cinnamon version.  While I was at it I dropped a Ultimate Edition Lite 4.2.4 also a Long Term Supported release based on the Trusty tree, this will probably be the last release you see from me on the Trusty tree.  I have been told it is flawless.

    It does not stop there, I have ordered a Raspberry PI for development.  it will be here Tuesday.  Shwn Vntr (one our beta testers) and I will be constructing an PI O/S for it, he is well ahead of me now.

Big things are in works enjoy,


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I do not rest!!!

by on Jun.24, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Fantastic release on Ultimate Edition 5.0 Lite. Downloaded in excess 10,000 times in less then a week, which boils down to roughly 30 Terabytes of transfer & thanks Sourceforge. Things are about to get off the chain. I re-wrote Tmosb to allow burning BluRays a 25 GB ISO is coming loaded with games rolling on XFCE. a stripped down O/S to allow more room for games. It to the best of my knowledge does not exist on the planet. I encourage any-one to please correct me.

Yes, I know we have a Bluray with 4 or 5 different O/S’s on one disk, this is a new animal (I think I set that milestone as well, once again please correct me if I am wrong) One operating system with a butt load of free Games. 25GB is my magic number, this time. You do know there are 100GB BluRays. I won’t say I will never release a 100 GB ISO; never is a long time, but currently see no point. I will also release a DVD based 5.0 Gamers, so don’t pull out your hair. I am just warming up.

here we go

urban racing rock it out only about 20 GB to download and install
skysthelimits newerror ignore
fail size

Like I said I do not rest, I have 12 Days off work (4th of July shutdown) at my other job Initiating this Wednesday:

Big things are coming, I wont stop until I hit the 25GB limit I spoke of.


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Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS

by on Jun.20, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.0 You can read the release notes on our Ultimate Edition Forum.

Please give the servers time to mirror, it will be slow at best until that has happened.



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Ultimate Edition 5.0 LTS UPLOADING!!!

by on Jun.18, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

Locally it has been tested. Beta Testers have tested it even before I got a chance, they are on it! 😉

I have now installed it and am happy with the outcome:

Complete control install1
install2 internet kodi
office sound ss
sysmon themes wine

Coming soon to a server near you. I will give our remote testers some time to run it through it’s paces. Then drop it worldwide. Details to follow. Please stay tuned.


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by on Jun.03, 2016, under Ultimate Edition

In my strive for perfection in software, I have found idiosyncrasies in my own software development. I actually have software that will fix itself as well as others software. I have recently started integrating software to “repair it self”, quite a complement to Repostorm & welcome edition. Self repairing software non-existant by todays standards.

Repostorm will soon repair itself internally… Externally always did so…

Do not know what Repostorm is? This video was from 2 years ago repairing the entire Mate Repository. Before Canonical borrowed it.

Won’t matter who owns what when I am done as long as you accept “please fix my software” lol. I can assure you Repostorm is far more advanced now, then it was then. Did I say self repairing software? I will touch on this again.

Please sit tight,


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