TheeMahn is upset

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I too enjoy playing with new technology. I watch the realms of people flow to Ultimate Edition 5.4. Long term supported (LTS), should at that point be kicked to the curb? I can see multiple stats that ensure I am right. I have been saying this since Ultimate Edition 2.6. I am as well as beta testers are looking to “Refresh” the Ultimate Edition 5.0 series. LTS, means very little to most at least by numbers. Do you feel I should not support LTS? I have been asked about rolling releases. By rolling back to Ultimate Edition 5.0.1 I have found a bug in my nasup software to detect and automatically pick up NAS (Network Attached Storage) that I have written initially started writing in 2012. Most will not care about it. Re-wrote it & loved it in Ultimate Edition 5.4, did absolutely everything I asked. Rolling back to 5.0.1 even with the new version fails. There is no way I would have known that, but stepping back.

In 2014, “Seagate” loved it so much they borrowed my code. I am O.K. with it it is open source, however they should have gave me at least acknowledgement.

I am going to continue to the LTS side of things. Do I need to set up a poll. Does not matter what I want. It is about you the end user. We have Millions on board, only way to move to Billions is a poll? Naturally, faster servers also coincide. We will work though this. A Prick I have been, we will build the O/S for you. I have been doing this for greater then 10 years. Software development since I was 11, 35 years ago.

Am I wasting my time?

05/13/17: Adjusted pre-requsites
I am running Ultimate Edition 4.2.4, had zero access to NAS(Network Attactched Storage) drives. While it did pick up the drive, would not allow me to login. nfs-common was missing, re-write the control file and in seconds I have my NFS based 8TB hard drive hard mounted. This is why I care, It may work for some, not all.

I have moved forward on Nasup to version 1.9.9, even wrote you fellas a manual.

If you would like to learn more about Nasup. You can learn more on our forum. I have considered writing it further to detect and pick up Linux based NAS’s Time is not on my side. Let’s see if Western Digital “Borrows” my code as well πŸ˜‰

I am adjusting tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) to accept version 5.0.3 a LTS is currently not treated the same way. I have written undocumented switches to “work around” the issue, digging though & rectifying such issues, I have my hands full. We will have both, Software supports building Ultimate Edition 5.7 (“Artful Aardvark”) even though Ubuntu has not set it place. LTS is my current concentration. Software is the answer. It may take me a minute, we will have both. I have got this, please allocate me the time. Did you know tmosb is the largest application on the internet currently? There are larger games, not apps. Another manpage I will have to write, probably 100 pages long. As complexity grows, so does loss in users. Simplicity was set in nasup. There is no simplicity in building Operating Systems.

β–’ Ultimate Edition 5.7 Artful Aardvark x86/x64 NO STANDARD KDE
β–’ Default Build command(s): β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x86-lite.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x64-lite.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x86-gamers.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x64-gamers.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x86-server.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x64-server.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x86-minimal-server.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x64-minimal-server.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x64.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-x86.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-armel.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-armhf.iso β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-armel.img β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-armhf.img β–’
β–’ tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.7-powerpc.iso

I hope to eventually have a amdnaples Building software for you autonomously. Server environment is huge, yes I own the previous website. a $51 Billion dollar industry #38 on google last check & it is not even out. I will be #1, can you imagine the value? They can offer me 50 Million and will not accept it. Great to have a guy on the positive? I have never been about money. Why did you buy it? Feel free to answer that question for me.


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AMD Naples

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As most of you know, I have stock in AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). I am not hiding that fact in any way shape or form. What is a AMD Naples? A nasty fast Dual Socket CPU that is coming soon for the server market & fully intends to take some of Intels TAM (Total Addressable Market) which Intel current holds 99% server market. I have read is a $50 Billion dollar industry just in that niche. AMD is striking and has, the CPU Market as well as GPU market. Many other things are also in the pipeline.

I have purchased pr-emtively getting my ducks in a row to create a Ultimate Edition for the Linux scene server side. Does not mean I will not build Operating Systems for Intel Servers. Huge potential, once I SEO (Search Engine Optimize) the site, I have a long ways to go, I just bought it April 22nd. The chip won’t be out until the 2nd half to this year, I have time. You can almost bet money I get a AMD Naples for free to set up a server for you gentlemen. Let’s stay tuned on that last statement.

I will tell you this as a fact. I will unload 100 of 4,430 shares in AMD shortly to assist in purchase of a RyZen 1800X, mainboard etc. to replace the JackHammer liquid cooled (which I already have). I did look at getting a Liquid cooled Pro Duo video card ($799 vid card). I have a MSI 470 Gaming X 8GB card (thanks PowerUser 2600 will do 4k gaming). AMD Vega, same with the Pro Duo I am sure will be much faster in all accounts. I am not a big Gamer nor fan of NVidia. Where I am heading is is #1 productivity, occasional game. I have not had Windows installed on my rig for about a year to put things in perspective.

I will be busy for a minute. If you Google “Ultimate Edition” are we not #1? 0 paid ads. Does Microsoft not make a “Ultimate Edition”? 80% of SEO is in the name, #1 is coming for the server market. Understand this fully, I have been writing software since I was 11 and now I am 46. SEO since 2006. Big things are coming.


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Release of Ultimate Edition 5.4

by on Apr.15, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

We do not play around here, have Ultimate Edition 5.4

I have big things in-bound.


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Rocking 4K on Ultimate Edition 5.4

by on Mar.11, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

    I have had positive feedback on our Alpha (downloaded 1500 times this week), which shocks me. We have good things on the plate today. I have heard our beta’s are like a final product up in here. I am going to provide you a Beta of Ultimate Edition 5.4. I will re-address issues and we will eventually have a final product. This will be a Long Term Supported (LTS) release based on Zesty rocking. I wrote the release in preparation for a Ryzen CPU, which I can buy. Just not the main board. I am not the only one. Finetuch has a 1700 and no mainboard. 17 Mainboard Manufactures this bothers me. All sold out on the X370 line, minus Biostar. Try and buy a Asus Hero X370 board. I can buy a AMD Ryzen 7 1800X all day, however no main board. AMD did not drop the ball, we will eventually find out what really happened.

   I do want to toss this out there, for the first time in my entire life building operating systems with the newer kernel picked up my wireless printer off the live disk.

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 1.9.8, 02/16/2017
GNU tmosb home page: .
E-mail bug reports to: .
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite.iso -YES
on Fri Mar 10 23:06:11 EST 2017 by theemahn on Jackhammer

Source Build platform:
Jackhammer is an AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight-Core Processor resonating at 3612.034 Mhz
MEMORY: 16,326,364 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 5.4 LTS”

Destination Distribution Information
Distribution Base: Ubuntu zesty
Architecture: amd64
Detected Desktop Environments:

root@Jackhammer:/home/theemahn/wip# md5sum ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite-beta.iso
fc043a36f333c2fbb69e2b8d1af704e3 ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite-beta.iso
theemahn@Jackhammer:~/wip$ ls -la
total 3743584
drwxrwxr-x 3 theemahn theemahn 4096 Mar 11 01:06 .
drwxr-xr-x 28 theemahn theemahn 4096 Mar 11 00:02 ..
drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Mar 11 00:53 ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 3833413632 Mar 11 00:53 ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite-beta.iso

We are NOT final, just get a taste.

Your feedback is of course always appreciated.

I do want you to understand what RyZen is:


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by on Mar.09, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

I knew this was coming. I built an O/S to compensate, far from done. Those that did not listen to me (my response):

First of all I told you not to buy one until reviews were out there. You are sitting on a gold mine. You can not buy one without dropping mad money. Sold out in one hour. You are lucky to have one, try and buy a Asus Hero. AMD did not drop the ball Mainboard manufacturers did.

What did he get?

I am going to tell you right now the 1800X is against almost the entire server line. I must interviein this chip was intended for the desktop, you and me. The Intel chips the 1800X goes againt are greater then 5 grand for a chip, $500 seems better now does it not? Naples will be 4 Ryzens with Infilink 128 lanes of PCI 3.0. No pun intended Intel is going down. Are you a precious Gamer? This may get fixed & stroke anything Intel has. Let me tell you lose 1 FPS and people get excited if you are a gamer. The human eye can only a typically can see only 30 FPS. I have 4K holy damn I dropped to 50 Frames per sec. Junk the Ryzen lol. Yes, I know about the 1080TI, what is going to happen when the Vega drops? I do enjoy watching Nvidia grab at straws. Lowered their entire line of GPU’s in price to prepare, why would they crush their own chip the Titan X? Due diligence tells you what? What is Intel doing?

I did say a competitive market is coming. I find it ironic for NVidia to compete with themselves.

Don’t blow off AMD, they certainly do not.


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Why such a jump?

by on Mar.04, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition 5.1 to Ultimate Edition 5.4? New hardware is my #1 concern.

Ultimate Edition 5.4?

Everything is going to be replaced, minus tower and water cooling. You do know the Ryzen has set new world records. On water I will get no where close to that, however bang for the buck?

Have a AMD RyZen? Download Ultimate Edition 5.4 Alpha, a Mate based Operating System today… I want to say Ultimate Edition 5.1 was phenomenal success ~ 30,000 downloads at roughly 3GB in short order.

You guys are awesome,


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RyZen into the future

by on Feb.09, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Intelligence based on 02/23/17:
As many of you know and I have not hid in any way I have stock in AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and have since Nov 21st last year (2016) for free. How? I gave a former co-worker a stock-tip at then $6.50 a share (he actually got in at $6.97) for $30,000, 4,038 shares. 2 days later he had made roughly $7,000.00 & offered to give me $5,000.00 of it. I turned down the money in exchange for stock in AMD. I have built literally 1,000’s of computers using AMD hardware in the past. I no longer build computers except for myself and family. I have became quite a buff in understanding what is going on with AMD in my best interest as well as co-worker #1 & #2 (bought in for the second time yesterday 02/08/17 – original date of article).

Before I continue, I want to make it explicitly known the below information is from my perspective beneficial to all parties involved on the user level as it will stimulate competition in the computer market. From the companies involved a totally different story as each company tries to cut each others throats. I am going to do my best due diligence to avoid speculation at least from the factual point of things. Rumors are just that, a a ride on the Hype train & should be taking as a grain of salt.


  • Ryzen (pronounced RYE zen) is an AMD CPU aimed at the server, desktop, workstation, media center PC and all-in-one markets. … Codenamed Zen in development, Ryzen is the first major architectural change for AMD since Bulldozer.
  • AMD is going to release a new Processor dubbed RyZen was called Zen in production
  • AMD is going to release a new Graphics Card codenamed Vega
  • AMD is going to release a new Processor based on RyZen as a APU (RyZen with Integrated Vega graphics) for both mainstream & OEM (XBox Scorpio etc.)
  • AMD is going to release a new Processor for the server family up to 64 Cores and 128 threads codenamed Naples


I have see this on a personal level as a pre-sale. #1 sold CPU on Amazon was a AMD 1800X (until they sold out in less then 1 hour), #2 Intel 7700 Kaby Lake, 1700X #3, #4 AMD 1700 (non black) One Million units I still have not unloaded stock, nor have I started spending money yet.  I got a Google check 2 days ago & I am sitting on it. I have considered buying a 1000 Watt power supply (PSU) Titanium Full modular way overkill as it uses much less juice.  I will wait, I suggest you do the same. Do not think AMD has inability of capacitance to produce chips. Their agreement with Globalfoundries Wafer agreement allows AMD to goto other foundries (Samsung for example & tested) if they can not keep up with demand. I have done my homework.

  • Within 1 hour of release of pre-orders of 1800X sold out #1 sold on Amazon (still will not see it until March 2nd)
  • 1700X – the "Black Edition" of the 1700X also now sold out on a pre-order.
    1700 you can still pre-order, I am shocked I can still pre-order it. Perhaps it is the lack of motherboards also sold out almost as fast as it happened?

The motherboard and cooling means more then the CPU itself a good “BIN” and cooling means everything. No, I will not run Liquid Nitrogen, happy with my water cooling & used to hate it water and electronics do not mix. I have had my AMD 8150 8 core “Black Edition” Bulldozer for years, evidently called “X” now a 125 watt at 4.8 GHZ stable (a stock 3.6 GHZ chip), what is a 95 Watt 4.0 GHZ CPU going allow me to do? 4.0 GHZ turbo does not mean a 5GHZ 8 core. I will post a video of me building it & a Naples if I can hold out. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to computers.


  • 17 Versions of the RyZen (I am not happy about – confusion to the consumer)
  • RyZen will be released March 2nd, wait for benches of the RyZen to hit the net (Do not buy a RyZen until you know it to be true, just trying to be unbiased).
  • How much will a RyZen Cost?
  • Is Intel just going to kick back (I do not think it will be enough) & relax?

AMD, has awoke the sleeping Giant, from a consumers perspective it is all good. From a Investor’s perspective in AMD once again all good. I do feel sorry for NVidia <<- Sorry for being bias here and Intel as they have to explain why they have to sell chips for nothing & lose market share. Oh. why I wrote this post to begin with Linux kernel 4.10+ and above has support for RyZen. I am preparing for an upgrade all at cost of unloading AMD shares to buy AMD hardware πŸ˜‰

Work in progress.

I think I will hang in there and unload stocks for a complete RyZen, Vega system on the desktop PC side & the server side if I have the capital. Software development does not stop here, I would rather be a step ahead then a step behind. Hang in there. Would it not be awesome to see it saying using 128 cores and a 1/4 of a second later done? I would begin writing software to loop perfection. Oh, that is right I have already. To be honest with you is a prediction (TheeMahn says) and is in the speculation department will not touch AMD until 1st QTR 2018. As Intel is working hard on 10 nm AMD is setting up 7 nm in the US of A.

Typically the smaller the die the less juice it sucks and more efficient it is. See if I am right. Intel will be grabbing at strawls to catch up
I have seen this before. I was around when Intel and AMD both used the same socket. I am actually hoping they can see through their issues.


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Hacking is not the answer.

by on Jan.21, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

I am a lucky candidate, I have in the past shut down multiple servers. Done multiple things I am not currently proud of, some personal. Never was I caught over a decade ago, wrote software to do so. I will say this, I am thankful I have turned over a new leaf and help people. There is nothing to be gained in malicious activities. We have a few people on board that today do the same. It is only a matter of time, you will be caught. I will not turn you in. I want you to stop and work for the better of mankind. Utilize your intelligence for the positive.

Cracking is actually the proper term by todays standards. If it feels so good as endocrines cycle your system, you are doing wrong. Feels so good to be bad. Quit now. Feels 10 times better to help someone.


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Nothing like transfer.

by on Jan.19, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

I will call Ultimate Edition 5.1 success. I typically look at downloads as an overall basis of a successful release (roughly 100 Terabytes in less then a week). There are many factors that adjust this value. I have in the past tried to place individuals as my repository managers 0 and I do mean 0 wanted that job once they knew the damage they could cause the individual that installed we will call Ultimate Edition 5.1 as an example. Less then a week 12,000+ are running it. The Ramifications become massive as you look back and see a few 100,000 people running an older O/S. Millions overall, I have taken matters into my own hands and elected software to do so for me. You know better at least some do as Repostorm.

When you remove the human mistake factor, software does not care. You will see emerging technologies doing the same Artificial Intelligence has stopped me from continuing forward with Repostorm. I did not expect AI to step to the plate so early & would gladly turn over Repostorm to AI. I may buy technologies to do so for me to enhance the storm. The end result is to make the world a better error free place. Please bare with me as transitions take place.

Please feel free to post comments of your experience with Ultimate Edition 5.1. User feed back = better Operating Systems in the future.


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Ultimate Edition 5.1 Final

by on Jan.12, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.1, 2 Operating Systems released in a week, not to mention new software. A day of Vacation has paid off. Let’s do some math. 4.2 GB X 4,193 downloads in less then a week I believe is roughly 17610 Gigabytes of transfer, 17 Terabytes in 5 days, thanks Sourceforge once again. I look for Ultimate Edition 5.1 to fold that. No screenie, I am hoping to lessen their burden.  This I did not know until today, I am the #1 downloaded KDE project on sourceforge.  Did you know I hate KDE?



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