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I have dropped 2 Operating Systems to the web.

First I want you to understand where we were at I posted this on FaceBook:

25 Terabytes of transfer on one Operating System was not enough (5,802 downloads X 4.4 GB). I rectified it:
Welcome aboard a re-build of Ultimate Edition 6.6 Gamers LTS based on XFCE. I put TLC (Tender Love and Care) in this one.I added Lutris in this one and defaulted the mime type EXE to load wine & install your Windows game or app in Ultimate Edition.Wine is built in, Steam and Lutris a match made in Heaven. Used XFCE to save room for more games.I uploaded 2 Operating Systems:
ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-xfce.iso < 4 hours ago on 8 mirrors currently.
ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-gamers-xfce-max.iso < 2 hours ago 0 mirrors currently.

Glenn, what is this max? Beyond still mirroring?The exact same Operating System with 2 Gigabytes of additional Games pre-installed. I used compression=maximum. Runs like crap live, however after installed 2 GB of additional Games, please bare that in mind when it takes you a half of an hour to install.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Let me tell you what is transpiring.

I suppose the word I should have used is rectifying the situation. I will soon be untouchable, I do write software. Now on 18 Mirrors each, thank you Sourceforge. I have not dropped it on our servers yet. Each are 10 Gigabit. Think about that. If 18 servers are Gigabit (a minimal requirement), some are 10 Gigabit, data is flowing massively. I have dual 10 Gigabit networking & I am not a part of that. Sorry, now 20 Mirrors each.

Did you know my Developer Edition is on 23 mirrors?

Watch the numbers.


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