2 in one day?

by on Sep.15, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Built 2 Operating systems in one day. Believe you me it would be much higher if I did not have other things to do. I went over to my buddy’s house and installed a Security System. 3 Operating Systems in one day was my record in the past 2 sound better now?

Let’s see what I infer:

Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS

Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS

You do know I went back and re-wrote software & wrote a Developer Edition? The Developer Edition is more advanced & that happened all in one day.  I am about to take a week’s vacation.  Can you imagine the impact I will soon have.  I will let you know also in that 24 hour period:  I re-wrote Conky-builder, TMOSB (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder), Uno (Ultimate Network Optimizer) & Nasup.  No work in RepoStorm yet.

You get the builder working right, all falls in place.  I want to pat myself in the back… FTP (File Trasfer Protocol) works off the snap, Apache2, SSH.  It is probably faster to say what does not work on the server side.

Minidlna does not work with-out intervention.

Yes, one guy can do that.  You Guys wonder why I want to buy 8 X 12 TB drives?  I have well over 100 TB of space & is not cutting it.  I mean adding 100 TB of space.  Don’t worry I will pay for it.  I do math quite well I wrote an application called Raid calculator you have not seen yet.  That is 96 TB, close enough.  I will you know I have lost 2 Seagate 8TB drives.  I am moving to Western Digital.  How old do you think they were?  They are 8 TB per drive.  Less then a year, Junk.  Do you think I care to send them back?  Ultimately, they cost me 48TB of data.  I am glad I had that backed up.

When you play with that kind of space it really makes you think.  I Uploaded at 1.1 GB (10 Gigiabit Fiber) a second to replace the data lost.  How long do you think it took?  The answer is 3 days.  Even with Uno in place on both rigs.


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