You do know I build Servers?

by on Nov.14, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have software coming. I build Operating Systems for servers as well. I have Jacked up Nasup to a service level. I started writing that as an application in 2013. Only complaint so far I can not access Apple File System. What if I fixed that too? Glenn, I want to play Games.

A large swath is coming. What I seen today (our broken forum):
Most users ever online was 4597 on Wed Oct 07, 2020 3:56 am My admin question why? That is in 5 minutes. This very page will see magnitudes greater. Over 160K+ regged users here. Ignore the Millions.

I was very happy the service I wrote picked up 4 NAS (Network Attached Storage) 60TB in 4 seconds running live. Find any Linux that can do that. I am still expanding it. Do you think I can not pick up your Apple products? People keep telling me I need to get a job.

Don’t worry I will, you would be stupid not to hire me. I have been offered 250K a year to leave my state. I still live in Ohio. Ohio is not a tech state. 1/4 a million a year was not enough to get me to budge.

Tell me how stupid I am later, I will take a $20 dollar a job, v/s 250K.

Let me tell you what happens, I NO LONGER control what you see they use my software. I am way above them. Want me to throw you under the bus for 1/2 a Million a year? Minuscule. Want me to draw a line?

Do you remember god rest her soul, Karen wanted just one Penney from each of you users? At that time a Million pennies. Today, much heavier and I shut down your ability to donate to me at all. I pay for it all now. I won’t stop. I do not want my software taken over by greedy corporations.

Now did I see Repostorm taken over? That is nice, too dumb to know how to use it.

I am TheeMahn,

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