Parallel processing?

by on Oct.01, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

There is no-body that will provide you what I am going to show you. I can promise you I have software in works. I highly doubt anyone understands what that is.

I have a 32 core my main rig, 24 core handed my my ass. We will dig into it. That is the beautiful thing. I have software in works. I am writing software to take advantage of your computer.

Lets start out with TMOSB:
Got to have Repostorm too.

Crack open a terminal (this is when you start to understand):
uetheme –benchmark

Results are fanatical (STARTED AT ONE CORE AND ROLLED TO 32):
Perfect debs built this session: in /home/sledgehammer/themes
Timer: 0h4m8s (248 seconds)

I highly doubt you did anything I told you to do & should do anything I say.
We are discussing Parallel processing I write software to take advantage of that. You are about to find about. Like it or not.

Even my admin do know know this:
uetheme –all threads=(X insert treads here)


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