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Did you know? I build server O/S’s

by on Nov.14, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I make server based Operating Systems?

Let’s start this way:

media-56TB.mount @330ms +683ms
└─dev-md1.device @329ms
▒ Generating graphical analysis.

Boots less then 3 seconds. What is it?

sledgehammer@sledgehammer:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ultimate_Edition
Description: Ultimate Edition Minimal-server (7.5) LTS
Release: 7.5
Codename: jammy

That is raw speed. That picked up about 70 TeraBytes in 3 seconds, pulled up 20 Gigabit Fiber networking in raid persay. That is a scary mother F’r. No, I am not using RamBooter yet.

Did you know, it will do nothing, but accelerate? Do you know what I am writing? I appreciate Facebook being smart and leaving me alone, they have servers too right? I have tried multiple times to get tossed in “FaceBook Jail”. No matter what I posted they left me alone. I do not know the reason why, be it software I am writing. Which is heavy. They most likely know I have been a hacker proper term is cracker. Slice it up, I tried.

Fearful if I would drop them offline or advancement in technology. If I want I can remove counties, I am sure they know that. I wonder why the company views me as a threat, 7 times I was asked if I fucked up the company. I have better things to do. Progression, not regression. If they wre running my O/S they would have never been hacked. Did you know I have the highest security on the internet, yes this Includes Kali Linux.

I watched a Botnet in China trying to hack my server (5 days) and got bored with it, banned the entire country. I do not go to China based websites. The beautiful thing about China & Russia, communism only allow one pipe to the internet. Shut down an entire county off one subnet. I do not understand why our gov’t does not flood them off line. They have lines heavy enough to do so. 7 to 1. Cracking shit stops. I would wait until election time. It is O.K. to hack our bank accounts, rig elections? I have the ability to flood China offline. I actually want to. 5 Days botnets did that to me, I should be O.K with that?

I can shut your country down, I am your worst nightmare. Do you think I would head to prison for doing so? I want to make sure you know it is me.

Congratulations you pissed me off. I am not held accountable for my actions & you will never know it is me. That part I like. Kevin Mitnik, they wrote a movie about him. What is the difference? I have not and never will be caught. I even told you. I do write Operating Systems. Bottom to the Top.

Bill Gates lick a bag. Now, that is Cocky. I am TheeMahn. Did you know I can misconstrue packets, never find me? Our users also enjoy that.


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Amazon Prime, Please!

by on Sep.29, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

2 days delivery what a joke. That is a full month.

Do you think I pay for prime to buy groceries? Could not if I wanted to. Wholefoods is miles and miles away. I believe 50 miles. Do I pay for prime so I can catch any movie you have? Sorry, again. Music? Sorry again. The only reason I will not cancel my Amazon account. Last time I tried I could not access my credit card account to pay them off. I will ride it out. Last time they locked my account so I could not pay off what I owed. That is O.K. I will ride it out pay it off then cancel my account. Money for nothing.

I tried to not use credit cards at all. American Express paid for one of them 0 percent interest. $225 back. I bought all 5 at the same time, do not understand why they have split my order.

That is a really nasty drive singularly, let alone 5 of them in raid. I should have bought 11 of them. You can not buy them today. I hate to tell you this the Motherboard is also sold out on both Amazon & Newegg. That was about $1,100 too. 12 orders placed in 3 months makes you re-think what is already here. I am building a nasty beast.

I did try and tell you. I research hardware. I look for top notch on all spectrums. When it comes up you will animatedly understand. That I am TheeMahn. You can think that is not 30 days Glenn, you would be wrong this is the third time I seen my order change. It is in their best interest to ensure what I get in a timely matter. The impact I have is w/o a doubt IMPACT. Let’s blame it on the chip shortage. These guys that review that are probably in someway being paid. Not me I pay for it. When you see a $11,000 (probably more then that) Rig come up I paid every dime for it. How can I say that, I do not even one of those drives to test? Runs in a PS5. They are the hogs & why I wait. They can not produce them fast enough. I can promise you they are that fast. What I will drop it in I walk circles around. Singularly and 5 times over.

Let me tell you what I have. The same PCIE 4.0 NVME raid card that came with the main-board, I already have one. 3 on the mainboard and 8 on cards. I am certain I would stature a 64 core /128 thread CPU. 128 PCIE lanes. Think about that.

Let me show you a Unicorn:

What is that Glenn? That is an Operating System that does not exist, per say. Running in RAM (dual channel I remind you) 4 X 8GB sticks of GSkill 3200 @ 3000 MT/s thanks to RAM Booter. Those 5 NVMES I bought in raid 0 will not hold a candle to what I am writing / building. Everything will be instant.

Put your seat belt on and get ready for the ride. I am going to provide you an example, a Steam Deck booted from Ram Booter would be twice that in speed. It is quad channel. The Treadripper Pro is 8 channel, so double it again. Will smoke all those NVME’s, yes in raid. What I enjoy the most in the server configuration is almost zero overhead.

Total Mem: 32012 MB (462 MB Used)

That server provides my home, beyond dual 20 Gigabit fiber optic networking, FTP, SSH, etc.:

Ultimate Media status
Media library
Audio files 115608
Video files 11180
Image files 9869

And only uses: 462 MB of memory:

CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor
CPU Cores: 24
CPU Frequency: 2800.000 MHz 4672 Mhz / 4650 MHz (Current / Max / Boost) (BogoMips: 7600.34)
CPU Cache: 512 KB
Total Mem: 32012 MB (462 MB Used)
Total Swap: 0 MB (0 MB Used)
System uptime: 10 days, 16 hour 33 min
Kernel: 5.13.0-16-lowlatency

BTW, the NVMES I bought are no JOKE, but RAM will crush all of them even raided. Mark my words & I still have not bought RAM for the ThreadRipper Pro yet. Numix, evidently blew me off when I asked if it would work on my board in a 256GB 8 channel configuration. Their $~$1,300 loss.

EDIT: 10/01/2021
The NVME’s will be here Monday. I will drop the rockets in the second card until I can replace them. I only told you half the story, of why them NVME’s are sold out. In my entire life I have NEVER seen: 3-Year Rescue Services comes with the drive. That is truly backing a product. 5 year warrantee on top of that & they do not care how much you beat on the drive. I hope other manufactures follow suite.


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Told You!

by on Sep.24, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

Almost a year ago.

I enjoy Intel has finally gotten off their rump & tried to do their actual job. I do see they are becoming competitive again. Let me know when they take out a 64 core / 128 Thread ThreadRipper Pro. I do not care if it is their server line. I do not feel bad for NVidia, they are about to taste what Intel tasted. I typically do not talk about the stock market. Everything, I said it coming to light.

I predict the ARM deal for NVidia will fall through, due to the anti-competitive advantage it would provide them & a Monopolistic advantage at that. I highly doubt I am wrong, under Biden I can’t say that with confidence. I do want to say the same with confidence AMD’S Deal will go though. By Jan next year will fly through the roof, let’s see if I am right again.

I started telling you the same in 2017. Let me tell you something else. To this day I do not know what: AMD patented project Quantum computing is. If they took the time to patent it, i would almost bet it is real. The stock market is a gamble at best. 401K you are paying someone to make an educated decision. I just have more control over where my money goes & a larger return. Smart is a prerequisite.


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A ThreadRipper Pro is coming.

by on Sep.15, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

A New main rig in works…

In case you think I am lying:

In case you think I can put a regular ThreadRipper on the board, nope only will take a Pro. What is the difference between a ThreadRipper and a Pro? Twice the money? Took 2 years before I could build one. Leveno was evidently exclusively licensed to be able to do that. VERY expensive. I am only about $2,600.00 into the build & I can see it getting very extravagant. I am going to DIY (Do it Yourself) the build Ask me why I put the water cooler at the bottom 😉

As it sits I have at least $8,000 to go, that is about to change. Why such a heavy machine? When I am done everything will be instant. I am not saying I am indecisive. I know what I want. The current 3995wx is very expensive. A next gen is about to drop & cut that in half. Just the CPU is over 5 grand. 128 Lanes of bandwidth, not 88. I do not play games, could I? I hope so. I could drop 4 Video cards on it. Just the Motherboard was $1,100, with shipping / tax. This is a heavy hitter. I am writing software to boot from RAM. Just like an Eypc server has 8 channel memory. Next Gen will have 12 channel memory, you did not hear it from me.

I can not tell you how many times I have been asked how the hell can you boot from RAM. The impact will be massive. Did you know I have done no SEO and I am rising straight to the top #3 I did not exist a minute ago. There is nothing they can do to stop me.

Huge companies will be on me. The software I have written is very innovative. On top of that money above I will have to pay to copywrite it. It will happen.

Do you know what I invested in beyond the machine I am building? Myself. The software I am developing will rock the world, this time they will not steal it from me. Did you know TODAY! Yes, today Steam started shipping units to developers. A final product for the Steam Deck. They missed me. Open your eyes and watch what I do. I did offer Rambooter to them. That device is quad channel, once they turned me down. You see what is coming?

If you think I can not boot from RAM press the back button. I promise you it is real. Before I went to work today Jeremy came over to take me to work. I am going to sell him my 3950X entire RIG once the ThreadRipper Pro comes online. He asked me the same thing. Once I explained it to him, he understood. All day you can find a “Ram Booster” a gimmick, ram booter there is only 2. The other fella is pretty heavy he injects your EEPROM. I am not that obtrusive. Evidently I am doing the Lawyers job 😉

I am curious outside of a Supercomputer is there anything faster then a 3995WX?

Yes there is, probably a dual socket Epyc.

Did you know a few days ago some Ingenious fella dropped 2 of those chips on an AMD Epyc mainboard and set a new world record. They are not supposed to be able to do that. I am sure the Gigabyte leak allowed them to learn how to.

The board can take 2 Terabytes of memory, you have to draw a line somewhere. We are talking about a bunch of money. Each step. I do not work at NASA and I do not accept donations. If you think RAM will be expensive, wait until I get to storage. I plan on buying 11 of them off the rip. I do have dual quad NVME cards & 3 on the new mainboard. Yes, I also plan on replacing my Sabrent Rockets. I am building a beast.

I will leave specs here as I build the system:

Case: Anidees AI Crystal XL PRO LITE Full Tower (Company Website)

Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI (Review)

RAM: 256GB Kit (8 x 32GB) DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 ECC Registered Server Memory by NEMIX RAM

Water Cooler: GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360 (I will write software for Linux)
Apevia LP614L2S-RGB Lunar Pro 140mm Silent Dual-Ring Addressable RGB Color Changing LED Fan with Remote Control
Exhaust: Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM, High Performance Cooling Fan, 4-Pin, 1500 RPM (140mm, Grey)
Not done here. Intend to buy 3 more 120MM Noctua’s for “Push /Pull” on the Radiator.

Power Supply (PSU): SilverStone Tek 1300 Watt ATX Power Supply Titanium (How many watts do you need)?

Storage: Dual HYPER-M-2-X16-GEN-4-CARDS / 5 X Seagate FireCuda 530 M.2 NVMES, 4 X 1TB Sabrient Rockets – Will buy more.

You will never see the specs above adjust, until it is sitting in my house. I will not tell you what I am buying. I am not an Amazon associate. I do not make a dime if you click any of those links. I could. I do not care about money. When that machine comes up I will care about money Companies will happily hand me money. I do not want money from my users. Thanks for being there BTW.

128 Lanes of PCIE 4.0 connectivity was the #1 reason I left ThreadRipper and went Pro. On a desktop I have always struggled, that is gone. Ancient history. I am writing software to boot from RAM, a no brainier per-say. An Epyc or a ThreadRipper Pro. The ThreadRipper is quad channel. Same as the SteamDeck that is coming. A ThreadRipper Pro is 8 channel. Think about that, for just a minute. They were stupid. Watch! I do make a gaming O/S right? I will screw them up, mine will be free.

IF I licensed it to them, I will charge asshole tax. I can promise you, they do not know what I know. Even my beta testers do not know. Yet! You would think this Intel Adler Lake is coming. Soon Intel will be back on top. Not even worried. I am in a class they can not even touch. They are trying to grab back mindshare. The Top as I just showed you is where the money is. The users are typically nickles and dimes. The servers are the big money, make no mistake they care jack shit about users. They want money and that is on the top end. I do not work for AMD, I will not bullshit you. They have and will have nothing in the foreseeable future to contest what AMD is dropping.

Let me tell you something as an investor will typically will not tell you, beyond what I just told you above. I know they are coming that chip will amount to spit. They will step in HEDT (High end DeskTop) next, what I am building. I am hoping by that time AMD has a firm foot in Servers and GPU’s ( yes, I seen today, Intel scalp one of AMD’s GPU developers – now 2 times). Raja was glad to see him gone, this guy I do not know the loss. Throw money at the problem Intel does have deep pockets & has the gov’t in their pocket. Heaven forbid innovation takes over.

I wrote software for the G15 Keyboard, if I write it it is done. If you build it they will come 😉 You can NOT beat FREE!!! Yes, even the Gov’t can not fuck with that, other then make me dead. I hope the least you investigate my death. Reminds me of Tesla. They have my ASFAB scores they know who I am. What probably burns their bacon I can not be bought.

Let me make it worse, I am going to take over. It only takes one Mahn. They do know who I am. I was offered any job in the military. They suggested Ballistic Nuclear tech. I can not be stopped. When that ThreadRipper comes up it is all over, but the crying.

You have a minute. I will not tell you why. What is the name of the computer I am building? “Jack The Ripper”. Specs hardware are available above. Minus the O/S I drop on it. I am sorry I build O/S’s. That is scary is it not. I have done it for 20 years+ I will use all 64 cores / 128 threads. Can you imagine what impact I will have on servers?

I have tried to get banned from FaceBook? Why would they not ban me?It was probably in their best interest.


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Ram Booter?

by on Aug.30, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

It begins, the speed in what I am writing CAN NOT be touched. It smokes NVMES.

Yes, I am very serious. What I am writing is very real.

Ram booter. I bought the website 3 years. I just brought the website up, be easy with me. That is a Game changer. Can you imagine booting from RAM? I do know what it feels like, you do not know yet. I have not SEO’d the website yet. Rocket speed is coming. I am going to copywrite it. I am going to try and get it so if you use Ultimate Edition free. I will let you know how it works out. The Lawyer will educate me.

That is a commercial website. Steam will be pissed off. I did try and help them. With me you only get one chance.

I no longer care. Watch and see what I do. The first thing I would think, he is obviously serious. 3 years on a domain?

I have seen it. You have not yet.

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What is a AMD ThreadRipper?

by on Aug.08, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

NASTY!!! I have started buying one. An expensive venture. I have currently only bought a Computer case, PSU (Power supply), RAM (Minimum it will take 4 sticks & paid more then that), liquid Cooling for the CPU Current tally ~$1,400.00 I do not have a mainboard or CPU yet, video card for that matter. I plan on getting a Liquid cooled Video card too, no not 4 of them. I play games rarely. I do have 4 NVMES I can shove in one PCIE 4.0 slot it that will save me a grand & transfer 16GB a sec. I could do that times 5. Just one slot. The bandwidth they have is absolutely massive. That absolutely Crushes anything Intel has, yes that includes their servers. If I were to buy a processor from AMD $4,700 for just the CPU. That will change in one month. September AMD will drop the 5000 series ThreadRipper. I am sure even faster, same token will cut the chip I want in half. Yes, still alot of money. I am writing Multi-core processing technology. If I fully populate the RAM, quad channel. Faster then the NVMES I will drop in it, I am ignoring the money. As I said over a grand. Ram booter will crush that. If what AMD offers in the 5000 series is compelling. I may drop the money for it.

Understand this clearly I am the only man on this planet that has seen that software even my beta testers do not have it. The Wifey wants me to copywrite it before you see it. Yes, I will take care of our users first & freely.


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Thank you for your recent transaction on Steam.

by on Jul.22, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

What did Glenn buy a Game? He does not have time for Games.
What RAM is 88 GB/s?

You are right, I do not play games. Well what did I buy? Should I say Reserve. They are not out yet. Do not let the Internet misconstrued information. I reserved the most expensive version. I read all over the place they are comparing it to a Nintendo Switch. There is no comparison. This is a Full PC in the Palm of your hands. Runs Linux, you could drop Windows on it & run Nintendo Games on it in Linux via emulator. The Skys the Limits. Yes, it does play No Man’s Sky! AAA Games all day!

Back to the point, that is not why I bought it. I will build a O/S for it. A portable PC I am onboard. Not a Craptop. They are only taking reservations this month. Nothing about it scares me, I have written software for touch screens. This will grab you, many sites did not know or lied. This tiny unit has 16GB Quad Channel Memory and LPDDR6 to boot. APU (Accelerated Processing Unit)’s LOVE FAST RAM. Not DDR4 or 5 that is a 6 and quad channel. I can not wait to launch Ram Booter on the device. I imagine using solidly ram will increase battery life as well. I still have the ability to “mount” the NVME. That is where I am at today. That is the first time I have posted running in a ram session, pay close attention to the service. As soon as I fix that it is ON!!! My beta testers will not get it until I get it fixed period.

I have been accused in the past for my meticulous execution. I do not want to put crap in your hands or my beta testers. I am currently the only one that has that software.

For example: Benchmarking your RAM (Random Access Memory), please wait… Why would you want to do that in a ram session? I can understand if you have never ran a PC in RAM, however you are running it. Frivolous. More software to write. Understand this clearly when I am done, nothing will stand in my way of “The Quest for Speed”. I have hit your CPU in Parallel processing. I hit your network with UNO (Ultimate Networking Optimizer). Now I am hitting the beast your memory. I am a fairly scary fella. My results will speak for them self. My ultimate Goal is to make your PC work for you, not you work for your PC.

I told the HR person I work for today, I used to be an enabler. I make it so you no longer have to think. I guess I still am. I suppose the Genius IQ helps. Has anyone ever looked into the “Fall of Rome” Stage 5?

Entertainment is stage 5, climb on your cell phone.

What do I know??

Rumors ore one thing, speculation the next. Nothing is set in stone yet!

Let me Quote:

“One of two spec points to have been expanded upon since the reveal concerns the AMD processor’s memory controllers – the quad channel configuration effectively confirms 88GB/s of bandwidth, and in terms of the balance of GPU compute vs memory throughput, the good news is that Steam Deck is well within the ratios defined by Xbox Series consoles and PlayStation 5 – and the hope is, of course, that the handheld will scale down gracefully from these machines.”

Boot from RAM at 88GB/s? I have quad NVME’s in raid and is spit compared to that (16 GB/S) cost me over a grand. Steam Deck’s ram is 5.5X as fast. What do you think will happen to Game Play? It really is not a question from what I see.


A: I will sell the software to them, no-one has it yet including my beta testers.
B: I will take over.

I did contact Steam. The ball is their court now. If they do not get back with me Option “B” will happen and that is a fact.


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More Toys?

by on Jul.02, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I think this a impressive and almost comprehensive package I have inbound. I stopped working on UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer). I replaced it in a single package. Currently:

UNO (Ultimate Network Optimizer)
UE Tweaker (Ultimate Edition Tweaker)
Ram Booter

Let’s start with Ram Booter. I know most people don’t have 128 Gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) yet! That will soon change DDR5 is in works, it was in 2018 Glenn! I promise you it is coming. I just bought a 32 GB kit of DDR 4000, pulled my ram and dropped it in the server. Let me show you something a picture says 1,000 words:

Is that 5.4 GB a sec transfer? That is no NVME or SSD or raided drives.

The entire Operating System is loaded in RAM. How?

While that may seem frivolous or a waste of memory to many of you right now. I can promise you, you will think differently. Did you know not even my beta testers have it? I will not talk about the UE Tweaker or UNO today. Time is now on my side.

If a picture says a thousand words, surely a video says Millions:

Ram Booter building a RAM session.

Know it is coming. Wait until I show you a video of it running in RAM. Lightning fast, did you think that was fast? That is spit compared to running in RAM. You can not even read what it is doing. Yes, it is that fast. When it comes to speed, almost impossible to topple.

214748364800 bytes (215 GB, 200 GiB) copied, 21.0706 s, 10.2 GB/s that is really funny that is the server. Check this out:

This software cannot be run from inside the Ram Session. ▒
▒ Timer Complete ram-booter: 0h0m0s

The software knows. Do they make a NVME that pushes over 10 Gigabytes a second? I am writing the application for one purpose, software acceleration. It does so near perfectly. I mean across the board. BTW the server has 4 X 8GB sticks of DDR4 3200, we are not Talking DDR5 YET! The impact will be massive. This will be the last time I say this DDR5 is coming & I do not mean 3 years from now.

I hope you understand what will happen when software like that is launched on DDR5. Things will get done, and I mean right now. Think about it, I attacked CPU‘s first. I even took the time to benchmark my computer 32 times. To study the impact. I even provided software.

First to accelerate software. Memory was next on my list. Do you think I am done? Mensa. I scare companies. Take a nap on that one, I will have to work tomorrow. Mandatory overtime, thank you July 4th time off. First time I have had to work overtime. Thank you. I do have 2 jobs. Blows my mind they have 1,000’s of employees , I will take them down, not just one company, but multiple.

They are done stealing from me.


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by on May.29, 2021, under Cloud Storage, Hosting, Linux, Server, Ultimate Edition

Minuscule does not exist here.

Massive is a short coming it what is coming. Remember I just do my job.

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Feel my Wrath!

by on Apr.08, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I guess it does not get much cockier then that. I have been writing an application called ue-tweaker. Currently unavailable to the general populous including beta testers. It is really nasty. Quite an endorcement when I say that. IronMahn dropped over, my cousin & took all my source code. I tried to give him a 16TB drive, he refused and paid me. He was right, I would not accept the Denon Amp I got from him for free.

He just bought a high end AMD 5K series rig with 4 X NVMES in it to cook my bacon. The prick took the time to slow my rig down to 586 MHZ, not GHZ. Sure still 32 cores / threads just SLOW. I cought it when I was building a theme for 7.1 autonomously and took 22 minutes v/s the 4 it used to take. Yes, he is like that and is probably laughing at me. Evidently you can not take a piss in my house if he is sitting in front of your rig. Great guy love him to death.

Anyways, on to the subject at hand. I have successfully ran installed Ultimate Edition 7.1. Things are about to come off the chain.

I really do not want to go much further then this right now. Did you know Facebook initially banned me for calling my cousin a bastard? Or was it the ass-whipping:

Remind me I owe IronMahn a ass whipping. He is a Police Officer. Idiots.

Did you know I have hacked the police department, legally. I have helped them tighten up their security. Security wise I am moving thresholds above that.

Do you think I LIE? That is less then 3 seconds and is bringing up 68 terabytes in Raid. All are Enterprise drives. You do not know yet, you can thank ue-tweaker for that. Think about this, it took over a full second to mount up 56TB + the 12TB on 20 Gigabit Fiber. That is what I am shaving.


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