A ThreadRipper Pro is coming.

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A New main rig in works…

In case you think I am lying:

In case you think I can put a regular ThreadRipper on the board, nope only will take a Pro. What is the difference between a ThreadRipper and a Pro? Twice the money? Took 2 years before I could build one. Leveno was evidently exclusively licensed to be able to do that. VERY expensive. I am only about $2,600.00 into the build & I can see it getting very extravagant. I am going to DIY (Do it Yourself) the build Ask me why I put the water cooler at the bottom 😉

As it sits I have at least $8,000 to go, that is about to change. Why such a heavy machine? When I am done everything will be instant. I am not saying I am indecisive. I know what I want. The current 3995wx is very expensive. A next gen is about to drop & cut that in half. Just the CPU is over 5 grand. 128 Lanes of bandwidth, not 88. I do not play games, could I? I hope so. I could drop 4 Video cards on it. Just the Motherboard was $1,100, with shipping / tax. This is a heavy hitter. I am writing software to boot from RAM. Just like an Eypc server has 8 channel memory. Next Gen will have 12 channel memory, you did not hear it from me.

I can not tell you how many times I have been asked how the hell can you boot from RAM. The impact will be massive. Did you know I have done no SEO and I am rising straight to the top #3 I did not exist a minute ago. There is nothing they can do to stop me.

Huge companies will be on me. The software I have written is very innovative. On top of that money above I will have to pay to copywrite it. It will happen.

Do you know what I invested in beyond the machine I am building? Myself. The software I am developing will rock the world, this time they will not steal it from me. Did you know TODAY! Yes, today Steam started shipping units to developers. A final product for the Steam Deck. They missed me. Open your eyes and watch what I do. I did offer Rambooter to them. That device is quad channel, once they turned me down. You see what is coming?

If you think I can not boot from RAM press the back button. I promise you it is real. Before I went to work today Jeremy came over to take me to work. I am going to sell him my 3950X entire RIG once the ThreadRipper Pro comes online. He asked me the same thing. Once I explained it to him, he understood. All day you can find a “Ram Booster” a gimmick, ram booter there is only 2. The other fella is pretty heavy he injects your EEPROM. I am not that obtrusive. Evidently I am doing the Lawyers job 😉

I am curious outside of a Supercomputer is there anything faster then a 3995WX?

Yes there is, probably a dual socket Epyc.

Did you know a few days ago some Ingenious fella dropped 2 of those chips on an AMD Epyc mainboard and set a new world record. They are not supposed to be able to do that. I am sure the Gigabyte leak allowed them to learn how to.

The board can take 2 Terabytes of memory, you have to draw a line somewhere. We are talking about a bunch of money. Each step. I do not work at NASA and I do not accept donations. If you think RAM will be expensive, wait until I get to storage. I plan on buying 11 of them off the rip. I do have dual quad NVME cards & 3 on the new mainboard. Yes, I also plan on replacing my Sabrent Rockets. I am building a beast.

I will leave specs here as I build the system:

Case: Anidees AI Crystal XL PRO LITE Full Tower (Company Website)

Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI (Review)

RAM: 256GB Kit (8 x 32GB) DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 ECC Registered Server Memory by NEMIX RAM

Water Cooler: GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360 (I will write software for Linux)
Apevia LP614L2S-RGB Lunar Pro 140mm Silent Dual-Ring Addressable RGB Color Changing LED Fan with Remote Control
Exhaust: Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM, High Performance Cooling Fan, 4-Pin, 1500 RPM (140mm, Grey)
Not done here. Intend to buy 3 more 120MM Noctua’s for “Push /Pull” on the Radiator.

Power Supply (PSU): SilverStone Tek 1300 Watt ATX Power Supply Titanium (How many watts do you need)?

Storage: Dual HYPER-M-2-X16-GEN-4-CARDS / 5 X Seagate FireCuda 530 M.2 NVMES, 4 X 1TB Sabrient Rockets – Will buy more.

You will never see the specs above adjust, until it is sitting in my house. I will not tell you what I am buying. I am not an Amazon associate. I do not make a dime if you click any of those links. I could. I do not care about money. When that machine comes up I will care about money Companies will happily hand me money. I do not want money from my users. Thanks for being there BTW.

128 Lanes of PCIE 4.0 connectivity was the #1 reason I left ThreadRipper and went Pro. On a desktop I have always struggled, that is gone. Ancient history. I am writing software to boot from RAM, a no brainier per-say. An Epyc or a ThreadRipper Pro. The ThreadRipper is quad channel. Same as the SteamDeck that is coming. A ThreadRipper Pro is 8 channel. Think about that, for just a minute. They were stupid. Watch! I do make a gaming O/S right? I will screw them up, mine will be free.

IF I licensed it to them, I will charge asshole tax. I can promise you, they do not know what I know. Even my beta testers do not know. Yet! You would think this Intel Adler Lake is coming. Soon Intel will be back on top. Not even worried. I am in a class they can not even touch. They are trying to grab back mindshare. The Top as I just showed you is where the money is. The users are typically nickles and dimes. The servers are the big money, make no mistake they care jack shit about users. They want money and that is on the top end. I do not work for AMD, I will not bullshit you. They have and will have nothing in the foreseeable future to contest what AMD is dropping.

Let me tell you something as an investor will typically will not tell you, beyond what I just told you above. I know they are coming that chip will amount to spit. They will step in HEDT (High end DeskTop) next, what I am building. I am hoping by that time AMD has a firm foot in Servers and GPU’s ( yes, I seen today, Intel scalp one of AMD’s GPU developers – now 2 times). Raja was glad to see him gone, this guy I do not know the loss. Throw money at the problem Intel does have deep pockets & has the gov’t in their pocket. Heaven forbid innovation takes over.

I wrote software for the G15 Keyboard, if I write it it is done. If you build it they will come 😉 You can NOT beat FREE!!! Yes, even the Gov’t can not fuck with that, other then make me dead. I hope the least you investigate my death. Reminds me of Tesla. They have my ASFAB scores they know who I am. What probably burns their bacon I can not be bought.

Let me make it worse, I am going to take over. It only takes one Mahn. They do know who I am. I was offered any job in the military. They suggested Ballistic Nuclear tech. I can not be stopped. When that ThreadRipper comes up it is all over, but the crying.

You have a minute. I will not tell you why. What is the name of the computer I am building? “Jack The Ripper”. Specs hardware are available above. Minus the O/S I drop on it. I am sorry I build O/S’s. That is scary is it not. I have done it for 20 years+ I will use all 64 cores / 128 threads. Can you imagine what impact I will have on servers?

I have tried to get banned from FaceBook? Why would they not ban me? It was probably in their best interest. It is here, I did buy 14 NVME’s not 13 like I said I would. I dumped water cooling in favor of a 16 heatpipe cooler. I replaced the video card with an AMD 6700XT the best I could get my flanges on at the time. It is nasty, way beyond anything I could have bought from Leveno. I leave the lights off that is a HUGE tower. I stepped back to the 5975 WX chip. They wanted over 7 grand for the 5995WX. Just the CPU. I got the 5975 WX still $3,100 for just the CPU. 32 cores 64 threads. The software I write opens all threads. It gets shit done & does not ask me what I want. Was it worth probably 20 grand now, I am going to say no? Faster than any computer I have ever seen to this day.


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