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by on Aug.18, 2012, under Linux, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

I know you ladies and gents would love to have your phalanges on Ultimate Edition 3.5. I pushed it to testers technically yesterday, however they did not find out about it until today. I feel it is ready for release, minus one small issue the purple background when dealing with the login screen. Time and feedback will tell. The 32 bit I have not even started, however takes me a day to make the 32 bit counterpart knowing what I now know. Probably a day once I have my head wrapped around what I have to deal with up the chain in what they have changed.

I have new inet so no more 17+ hrs uploading the O/S. Instant certainly not ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want you to look at it this way. My local testers are a 17 hr. over and over again cut off my time as a distrowriter. I wish you could see what I go through in writing an O/S, have to squeeze programming in there somewhere.

Speaking of programming, I have a straight up NASty tool coming for you. Yes, I called it NASty on purpose. Written for NAS drives. I will refrain from going into detail until it is done. I do want to thank donators again many currently unlisted, I can not build the O/S fast enough to add your name to the list in the O/S & 2 monitors thanks to donators. I will work dilligently to ensure your name makes it there.

I am going to add a programming and howto section to this very site. Initally written by me and let my admin take it over. I may then actually be able to get things done ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once repomaster hits, I will no longer possess a life. Let us prey they do not take me out. I am not talking to dinner. The computer industry is a multi-billion dollar environment, give stuff away for free? I am here for that. Solid GPL mahn.

I want you to think for one second I wrote the manual for repomaster; it now does actuallly better then it claims to do. I wrote that a year ago, I cannot understand why it has not been superceeded. When source hits the net, well now? They graciously await. Funny they hammered me over Automatix, err was is Ultamatix. I could go on I still have emails from Jane Siebler then CFO of Canonical, now CEO. They do not like me, understand that clearly.

One Mahn; a true thorn. Wow, am I spartan? Did you know I was supposed to charge you 1 penny to download Ultimate Edition; 1.2 million pennies what is it I lost?

Should I say my GF loves UE 3.5 and was upset with me when I rolled into gnome because I hate KDE. Why did I roll in? To put a epson driver, great they have openly drivers, however once again not open source I can not include that driver. Did you know Adobe has been sued I assure things are changing. Ten million dollars at a time. It would be all bad if I adjusted my thought process to do the same to them. Sorry i am rambling and enjoying a long awaited beer.

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  • Steven

    Hey Thee Mahn..i always say
    do what you have to do.
    Keep up the good work.Enjoy
    your beer, do the best you can.
    Love you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • silversurfer

    Hey Thee, sound slike you have a lot on your mind. Enjoy the cold beer. I had a couple tonight too.. a cool refreshing drink mahn. Well keep up the good work.

  • Bnjamin_Breeg

    Well Thee I’ve been playing with 3.5 for a few weeks now. Running it live. I have yet to break it. So I have decided it’s time to move on from my beloved 2.6.6. LOKI just got whacked. I am installing it right now as I type this. And I don’t want to hear I have a one of a kind copy! LOL!!

  • coolstranger62

    Do you know when 3.5 will be released? I’m excited and hoping it will work right with my laptop ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BBOSAK2143

    Hope you are drinking your favorite beer and tastes beyond reproach! Am looking forward to all stuff you come up with! You are brilliant and hope others can understand that fact! Enjoy your operating system more than any other I have ever tried!!!! Please, keep going and never stop! I guarantee one day people will really understand your greatness. I bet your name will go down in computer history!!! Anyway always best wishes to someone that truly cares about the people that use their software!!!!

  • OldSmoke

    hello TheeMahn been awhile im still around and axiously awaiting 3.5 as with all your releases i now have an amd-fx-8120 8 core with tons of ram still running quakelive on whatever os i can primarily still on 3.3 as ubuntu 11.10 has no issues with minitube which i use a lot.youngest sister was married on sat the 25th i took tons of pictures and vids and made here some dvd’s of the wedding came out great.please pass out 3.5 soon and look to talk to you again sometime hope all is going well for you.
    getting nice here in Vermont leaves will be changing soon.

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    I am also excited and, since I’ve been having some problems with GNOME lately and want to try out KDE again (which I haven’t done for a long time), I find myself waiting for 3.5.
    I know an ETA is the worst possible thing to ask for, but you at least give us a rough estimate?

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    Or even just an ETA for the 64-bit would be nice.

  • xe2xpk

    On Quote!:
    I wish you could see what I go through in writing an O/S (?)
    Writing an OS? or aseembling the bits and pieces together may I ask ?

    Ultimate Edition is a “Distro” based on Ubuntu, It looks nice thou, you change the looks, add a few interesting (free and available” applications and putting all that together, is what it makes “Ubuntu Ultimate Edition”, any flavor, be it KDE, LXDE, GNOME or Mate, but I believe you are Not writting or programing an OS. Sorry, I do not want to be offensive, just fare. Thare are tons of linux Distros available, the one you assemble is one of the nicest, but it is not writtenn by you! have a good day!

  • Larry

    Still on 2.6.x. Been running 3.4 live. Pretty dang slick.I may just have to install it. I am NOT a kde type of guy…has to be gnome or go home…
    Thanks for all the effort sir. when I’m working again I’ll hit the donate button again.

  • Bon

    Hey TheeMahn! When are you gonna release UE 3.5. I am waiting for it.
    Besides, I don’t know why UE 3.4 is not in the available distros in AppDB from wine; I think is very important: I submit a game I couldn’t run with Ubuntu but with UE 3.4.

  • Bon

    When are you gonna release UE 3.4.
    I can not wait.

  • farstanley

    Really looking forward to the programming and howto section. I seriously need to get ms oob out of my head and into something practical

  • coolstranger62

    I agree completely

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