Ultimate Edition 2.3?

by on Jul.22, 2009, under Ultimate Edition

Yes, it is coming, it is being downloaded by mirrors as I type this, please stay tuned for the details.  When it is ready for release you can find it here. I am not going to update the page or download links until tomorrow, registered forum users can get it today.

Lets get this out in the open, I get requests all the time (username withheld):

USERNAME WITHHELD: Once 2.3 is done download, I can upload it to my website and help out

Are you unlimited on bandwidth? I do not want to shut down your website. I want you to understand I am currently seeing 2 Gigabytes of transfer per minute, do the math on that one. The mirrors I have University of Maryland for example can take the pounding. I do not want to hinder you. I have people that offer me mirrors all the time. Most do not know what they are getting into when they offer. I am just trying to be straight with you.


    In case you think I am lying… This is a new server 0 traffic less then a month ago, yes a new domain days ago. Please pay attention to where my cursor is at I am showing 1 minute of traffic on a site that did not exist a month ago.

Stats Stats 1 minute later

    I bet I have to buy another domain & site to keep you gents off me, as I build your next one 🙂   The next one? I promise I will be dropped off the net due to traffic & do not care how many mirrors I have. I am not saying mirrors will go down, Just this site. Cocky or confident? As I typed “edited” this post 2.4 TB sent (just our server does not include mirrors) & currently non-existent torrent. hmm. Do you think if I ask my new hosting company to give me free hosting in exchange for a “drop their link” here, 10,000 page views a day, once again hmm. No will not happen. I will not sell out on you; understand that, I am happy with their service and spoken as a champ; I will never sell out on you.

*This paragraph stripped, complements of the ol lady.*

Enjoy for now,

Feel 24 hours of what I feel, 24 hours to the minute same server. 1 server I pay for of 7 😉

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