Repostorm: New software on the horizon?

by on Jan.06, 2022, under Ultimate Edition

A new RepoStorm is coming, that is not the only app.

A New Repository has been built. (GPG Signed) Autonomously.

What is the difference for example Ubuntu’s Repository and the one built? Almost 1/2 a Million less errors. I used 2 computers to build the repository. Took them weeks. Now I hope you can understand why I am building a ThreadRipper Pro. Right now it has been loaded to a local server & is being tested to build an Operating System w/o error(s). Scary stuff huh? The Threadripper Pro will do it in “Realtime” 64 cores / 128 threads tearing up errors. I will load the entire repository in Memory. 8 Channel memory things will get done. 16 NVMES Raided? Did you know I can jack in 3 times that? Bottle neck the RAM or 48 NVMES? That is why they are so expensive.

Instead of downloading Packages from Ubuntu’s Servers it is pulling packages from the local server 20 Gigabits per second off dual Fiber Optics. Error free, I remind you.

48.4 MB downloaded in ZERO secs lol (I have seen a Gig in one second)

Results? I can’t tell you yet. I am still re-writing TMOSB to make it only pull from that server. I enabled a switch called “local” & still working out the bugs on it. I can almost promise a “BULLETPROOF” O/S is coming. Goes though I will have ZERO competition. Did you know RepoStorm has a “service” function?

Like Anti-Virus on crack.

I have only been writing the Application since 2013. Do you find it so hard to believe what I just told you? I am sure the likes of Ubuntu & Debian are shaking in their shoes. Kali, no different. The amount of errors I have fixed, your tools will soon be junk. I fixed errors in your cracking tools too, what a nice guy. Autonomously.

What is a autonomous software?In an autonomous system, hardware and software work together to solve a problem by performing an action. For a system to be considered truly autonomous, the system must be able to gather information, find a solution based on this information, and execute an action to achieve a goal.Sep 24, 2018

I was writing it 5 years before the definition existed. Now you know who you are playing with. It only takes one good Programmer, not 10,000. I have been writing software since I was 11 years old. This month 40 years of writing software. Jan 26th I will be 51. I do not just write software, I do build Operating Systems. Scary again huh? Millions of downloads. PetaBytes of Transfer. That is truly scary.

You build it they will come. That too is funny, I strip their rights to track you. RepoStorm tells me what they are doing. I can see it in “Realtime”. Technically a warning not an error. I have control.

Know it is coming,

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