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Limited time is the nature of the post I have one day off, so I felt the best way to reach out is on a large scale, sorry to ultilize one of our users as an example.

I dropped a post to dougal, one of our forum members.

Please do not ask him for links. I am watching. A vestage or a test of integrity? Please sit tight it is indeed coming.
For those too lazy to click the above link:

dougal wrote:Can I grab a copy for testing. I have a few machines and try every release on them all. Still running 2.6 as the only fully stable release on all machines. Some now must be nine or ten years old. An old HP Pavillion 4800 series.
A Sony and Tosh laptop, both about five years old. A Dell laptop at four years old, a Dell Optiplex 745 and Dell Optiplex 780 and a desktop machine, 8-core.
Main problem is always with desktops and wireless USB dongle. The auto-selection of drivers for two different ones has not happened and I always have to fiddle with the Windows Wireless drivers. Both of them are 150 bps and the thing is that an older 58 bps USB has drivers picked up real easy.

So, I would love to test anything going... I have patience though. Do what you have to Thee to make the OS as good as you can.

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Yes, you can check your PM’s links to snatch both Ultimate Edition 3.5 32 and 64 are there. Does anyone here feel worthy to test it based on the above information. Why is Dougal not at least mod? See what happens when I climb in a box and do not attend to the forums? I have been thinking of sending all donors a link to a private server for them to snatch it prior to the public. I have the donors email addresses. I would have to pay for a site to fly by night and disapear the next day. It would get beat to death, I have been down that road before. I would love to see a hosting company absorb 1 month of abuse. hmm, something to ponder. No official post, just sent to donors and not care if they give it to thier buddies. When it dies it dies. Steam is coming out of the melon now 😉 What am I gonna brew up.

Most ppl know what a Terabyte is now, most were oblivious to it initially on release. I would talk about Terabytes of transfer now ppl have that size drive in thier computer, funny how technology advances. Petabytes a very unfamiliar term, bet it comes common place in a few years. I have like 14TB of info accessable from this very PC if Goliath fires up his NAS. I have transfered 1/2 of a Petabyte of info in one month from users downloading Ultimate Edition in get this 2009. No-one knew or grasped the vast amount of information that is. Shut down 3 times that month I grant you. We are now hosted through Sourceforge’s 32 servers as far as downloads. No-one takes the time to factor in the value of a good hosting company & the crippling effect a vast amount of users can have. I am a connoisseur of understanding in this aspect. I would venture via sourceforge if they were to allow me to see raw stats in transfer are approaching the Exabyte factor, if it hasn’t already been broken by the 1,348,630 download of Ultimate Edition recorded by them.

SO DONT GIVE OUT THE LINKS, it is not hosted on a fly by night server.

I guess the above is incorrect. The hosting companies know, actually bragged initially (yes, I have those emails as well). Until I disrupted thier services.

You can only shove so much water though a garden hose, bandwidth is no exception. A cloud of 6 servers with nothing less the 1 GBPS, how long before I need to once again worry? Paid my bill each month & they were in a hurry to get rid of me due to the “load”, one of thier pipes was 10GBPS, makes me think was not a bandwidth constraint. Our current hosting has superceeded my expectations. Mirrored so what is the issue I beat on the CPU? I will break down my current hosting at a later date.


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