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by on Dec.30, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

The Ripper PRO is Coming.

All you are seeing is a motherboard and RAM. Server Grade ECC (Error Correction and Control) at that & 8 channel. This will be the first ThreadRipper Pro I will build. The wife thanks, she educated me. Yes, there is numbers on the processor socket to the order you open and close it. Gentlemen that is a PRO, not a ThreadRipper. I could drop 8 Video cards on it and smash any Gamer his ass. That is not what I am building it for.

I have been using both of my computers to fix errors and warning in Ubuntu’s Repository. That comes online? I can load the entire repository in memory. Things get fixed instantly. The CPU drop in? It is ON, do you think I want a 32 core / 64 thread? Not a chance. I will look at the 5995 WX before I make a decision. It will take either, actually any AMD ThreadRipper WX (pro) processor. Convince me to pay an extra $5,000 for 5% performance. Will not happen.

I did tell you after it is in my hands what I bought.
256GB Kit (8 x 32GB) DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 ECC Registered Server Memory by NEMIX RAM
Cooling 140MM fellas:

Apevia LP614L2S-RGB Lunar Pro 140mm Silent Dual-Ring Addressable RGB Color Changing LED Fan with Remote Control

What is this going to do?
Noctua can not be beat. That is 7 X 140MM fans. I am not done there. Noctua will push the radiator. It is called “Push / Pull” A Threadripper Pro sucks in 280 Watts. They do run hot. I did buy a 1,300 watt Titanium PSU (Power Suppy Unit). They can’t even test. My understanding, the PSU will not turn on a fan. Silverstone. Builds quality products.

Ignore the PSU & the push pull? It will be silent. It was alot of money. Pay attention to the last word. It is not up YET!

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