Just Toys!!!

by on Feb.09, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I would like you to believe that.

I did get a few new toys. I have turned off Both 32 Core servers. Brought up a 3900X to replace both servers on a x570 board, dual NVME’s. And just adjusted a 3950X for my main rig. I thought the 3900X was nasty. The 3950X eats it’s lunch. 6th fastest CPU on the planet. A 3900X is #11. Take no doubt it is very fast. I will eventually have it building O/S after O/S back to back – 100’s at a time.

We do not have AMD Epyc’s Rolling around here yet. That is the only thing faster, well minus Threadripper. All AMD, wonder why I invested in them?

To be honest with you the server has 6 X NVME drives (on PCIE3 2 drives are 4.0), capable of 4.0 and 8 X TB Drives. The 8.0 TB Drives are raided, the NVME is not yet, Just toys right? Dual 10 Gigabit fiber optic.

Sorry, for all the Geek talk. You do know I am writing a program that builds over 10,000 Operating system(s) 100 at a time are you O.K with that? I can make it more or less at a time. Great job I have, a programmer.


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