Did you know? I build server O/S’s

by on Nov.14, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

I make server based Operating Systems?

Let’s start this way:

media-56TB.mount @330ms +683ms
└─dev-md1.device @329ms
▒ Generating graphical analysis.

Boots less then 3 seconds. What is it?

sledgehammer@sledgehammer:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ultimate_Edition
Description: Ultimate Edition Minimal-server (7.5) LTS
Release: 7.5
Codename: jammy

That is raw speed. That picked up about 70 TeraBytes in 3 seconds, pulled up 20 Gigabit Fiber networking in raid persay. That is a scary mother F’r. No, I am not using RamBooter yet.

Did you know, it will do nothing, but accelerate? Do you know what I am writing? I appreciate Facebook being smart and leaving me alone, they have servers too right? I have tried multiple times to get tossed in “FaceBook Jail”. No matter what I posted they left me alone. I do not know the reason why, be it software I am writing. Which is heavy. They most likely know I have been a hacker proper term is cracker. Slice it up, I tried.

Fearful if I would drop them offline or advancement in technology. If I want I can remove counties, I am sure they know that. I wonder why the company views me as a threat, 7 times I was asked if I fucked up the company. I have better things to do. Progression, not regression. If they wre running my O/S they would have never been hacked. Did you know I have the highest security on the internet, yes this Includes Kali Linux.

I watched a Botnet in China trying to hack my server (5 days) and got bored with it, banned the entire country. I do not go to China based websites. The beautiful thing about China & Russia, communism only allow one pipe to the internet. Shut down an entire county off one subnet. I do not understand why our gov’t does not flood them off line. They have lines heavy enough to do so. 7 to 1. Cracking shit stops. I would wait until election time. It is O.K. to hack our bank accounts, rig elections? I have the ability to flood China offline. I actually want to. 5 Days botnets did that to me, I should be O.K with that?

I can shut your country down, I am your worst nightmare. Do you think I would head to prison for doing so? I want to make sure you know it is me.

Congratulations you pissed me off. I am not held accountable for my actions & you will never know it is me. That part I like. Kevin Mitnik, they wrote a movie about him. What is the difference? I have not and never will be caught. I even told you. I do write Operating Systems. Bottom to the Top.

Bill Gates lick a bag. Now, that is Cocky. I am TheeMahn. Did you know I can misconstrue packets, never find me? Our users also enjoy that.


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