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I was not supposed to receive this until my birthday Friday, it arrived a few days early. This 48 port Managed Gigabit switch with dual Power supplies which I bought off Ebay for $59.99 for now has slowed down our little network. Which is not so small. Over 1 Million pageviews in less then a month off Legion our 32 core server, which was down 4 days. This is the same switch Google uses 1,000’s or tens of thousands of them I am sure. With 2 X 10 Gigabit uplinks & dual PSU (Power Supply Units). Our server is loud, I am fairly certain somewhere on the Internet you have heard me complain. I have had probably 2 or 300 foot of self healing Category 6E cable lying around for a long time & ordered a bunch of Category 7 cable for my home, I had to start looking at options since I will be working from home soon and now everything is virtual so I found the best business network uk to let my business on the service so we will be able to improve our work business.

Self Healing.

If you want to learn what self healing is, all you need do is ask or Google it.

The slowest “Link” in any system is throttled by the weakest “link” in the chain in this case Cat 5 cable, may even be 5 enhanced. I don’t care, I see connection rates & they are currently squat. As much as I hate to say this, I will cut us custom cabling throughout my entire house & wire the entire house for “sound”. I did tag Josh on Facebook for this reason, you probably know him better as Finetuch on our forum. He is quite skilled in this area.

Sorry, I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to know if the sound was tolerable. After booting yes it is, the server needs to go to the basement. That will happen even if I have to wire it by myself. The “Managed Switch” in the video has a 970 Page manual, does not sound so managed to me ;). I ordered a converter to allow me to connect to the management or console port. Fairly secure unit, the only way to “hack it” is to physically plug into it’s management or console ports.

We will drop offline for a few days, this is no small project. I will try to make it minimal. I have to work 12’s next week, so probably at best will not happen until next weekend. It may be longer than that, we will see how I feel.


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