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by on Sep.29, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

2 days delivery what a joke. That is a full month.

Do you think I pay for prime to buy groceries? Could not if I wanted to. Wholefoods is miles and miles away. I believe 50 miles. Do I pay for prime so I can catch any movie you have? Sorry, again. Music? Sorry again. The only reason I will not cancel my Amazon account. Last time I tried I could not access my credit card account to pay them off. I will ride it out. Last time they locked my account so I could not pay off what I owed. That is O.K. I will ride it out pay it off then cancel my account. Money for nothing.

I tried to not use credit cards at all. American Express paid for one of them 0 percent interest. $225 back. I bought all 5 at the same time, do not understand why they have split my order.

That is a really nasty drive singularly, let alone 5 of them in raid. I should have bought 11 of them. You can not buy them today. I hate to tell you this the Motherboard is also sold out on both Amazon & Newegg. That was about $1,100 too. 12 orders placed in 3 months makes you re-think what is already here. I am building a nasty beast.

I did try and tell you. I research hardware. I look for top notch on all spectrums. When it comes up you will animatedly understand. That I am TheeMahn. You can think that is not 30 days Glenn, you would be wrong this is the third time I seen my order change. It is in their best interest to ensure what I get in a timely matter. The impact I have is w/o a doubt IMPACT. Let’s blame it on the chip shortage. These guys that review that are probably in someway being paid. Not me I pay for it. When you see a $11,000 (probably more then that) Rig come up I paid every dime for it. How can I say that, I do not even one of those drives to test? Runs in a PS5. They are the hogs & why I wait. They can not produce them fast enough. I can promise you they are that fast. What I will drop it in I walk circles around. Singularly and 5 times over.

Let me tell you what I have. The same PCIE 4.0 NVME raid card that came with the main-board, I already have one. 3 on the mainboard and 8 on cards. I am certain I would stature a 64 core /128 thread CPU. 128 PCIE lanes. Think about that.

Let me show you a Unicorn:

What is that Glenn? That is an Operating System that does not exist, per say. Running in RAM (dual channel I remind you) 4 X 8GB sticks of GSkill 3200 @ 3000 MT/s thanks to RAM Booter. Those 5 NVMES I bought in raid 0 will not hold a candle to what I am writing / building. Everything will be instant.

Put your seat belt on and get ready for the ride. I am going to provide you an example, a Steam Deck booted from Ram Booter would be twice that in speed. It is quad channel. The Treadripper Pro is 8 channel, so double it again. Will smoke all those NVME’s, yes in raid. What I enjoy the most in the server configuration is almost zero overhead.

Total Mem: 32012 MB (462 MB Used)

That server provides my home, beyond dual 20 Gigabit fiber optic networking, FTP, SSH, etc.:

Ultimate Media status
Media library
Audio files 115608
Video files 11180
Image files 9869

And only uses: 462 MB of memory:

CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor
CPU Cores: 24
CPU Frequency: 2800.000 MHz 4672 Mhz / 4650 MHz (Current / Max / Boost) (BogoMips: 7600.34)
CPU Cache: 512 KB
Total Mem: 32012 MB (462 MB Used)
Total Swap: 0 MB (0 MB Used)
System uptime: 10 days, 16 hour 33 min
Kernel: 5.13.0-16-lowlatency

BTW, the NVMES I bought are no JOKE, but RAM will crush all of them even raided. Mark my words & I still have not bought RAM for the ThreadRipper Pro yet. Numix, evidently blew me off when I asked if it would work on my board in a 256GB 8 channel configuration. Their $~$1,300 loss.

EDIT: 10/01/2021
The NVME’s will be here Monday. I will drop the rockets in the second card until I can replace them. I only told you half the story, of why them NVME’s are sold out. In my entire life I have NEVER seen: 3-Year Rescue Services comes with the drive. That is truly backing a product. 5 year warrantee on top of that & they do not care how much you beat on the drive. I hope other manufactures follow suite.


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