A BIG Storm is coming.

by on Apr.18, 2020, under Linux, Server, Ultimate Edition

I was laid off for 3 weeks and used the time to bring RepoStorm up to par. I have not unleashed it to the net yet. I have also re-written the “Service section”. I intend to build a error free Operating System autonomously. Probably hard to see, I do have dual 43″ 4K screens.

Let me tell you what is happening, on the left screen RepoStorm is Analyzing the entire Ubuntu Focal Repository over 82 GB of debs on the server in the basement, it has made it to the letter “D”. This will be a long process. Right Screen? RepoStorm is in process of building you a new repository of error free debs on my main rig.

This is what gets me:
pycharm-community-sloppy_2019.3.3-1~ndall_amd64.deb. Developers use this tool to write software. RepoStorm has found 3,318 errors in their software and 394 warnings. I have not ran the –fix on it yet. I just analyzed a bunch of packages. Repostorm found errors and warnings in my own packages, fixed them first with RepoStorm, wrote software for that today. Should I not be entitled to fix everything I have written over the past 14 Years? I feel software I have written should be the highest priority.

You will eventually see what I am talking about. Offnote: I hate the new WordPress I can write HTML as well, give it back to me. They want me to install a plugin called “Classic Editor”. WTF? I just disabled 12 Plugins to get my website to just function. They may be next. A error free world. Computers do not make mistakes, people do. I am not infallible, if I make a mistake RepoStorm tells me before I install a new RepoStorm, yes it even checks itself.


RepoStorm in action.
RepoStorm in action.

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