You are BANNED!!!

by on Jun.09, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Not you, certain applications. I have started working on applications into tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) to ban an application from being installed. Don’t worry after it finishes building the Operating System removes the Ban, so you will be able to install it if you like.

What applications?

The above Function functioned perfectly, just too damn slow & I don’t like to wait for anything.

Package not available? Find it and rebuild the array, in one clean sweep.

QuestForSpeed () {
HOLD=$(apt-mark hold fonts-noto-*)
HOLD=$(apt-mark hold snapd)
Font-noto in compressed size is 1/2 a GB, plenty of other fonts are available.
I hate snap another bloated piece of software. I am not the only one that feels this way. I do not care if Linux mint accepts their software or not, this fella will not.

I did buy a few toys, Operating Systems are being built with the quickness. Pretty close to a $700.00 upgrade to my main rig. I wanted to drop it in the server, but have ran out of PCIE 4.0 slots for now. One in video and one in 20 Gigabit networking. This is a server, I do not care about Video. I will eventually replace it with a 4.0 1X and drop the NVME’s in a 4.0 X 16 slot.

3 X 1TB NVME Sabrient Rockets in Raid 0. On a Asus Hyper M.2 PCIE 4.0 card.

Do not think for a second 4 X NVME’S will not push over 20 GB/s. That is not gigabits, that is GigaBytes. Noted by the big “B”. Write speed I am working on optimizing. Funny, in Windows I get 8.7GB/s write speed off 2 Rockets. Plenty of room for improvement. I am eventually going to replace the Inland NVME. I get 4.3 GB/s from it, when I mix it with the Rockets slows everything right down.


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