Ultimate Edition 5.1 Final

by on Jan.12, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

Welcome aboard Ultimate Edition 5.1, 2 Operating Systems released in a week, not to mention new software. A day of Vacation has paid off. Let’s do some math. 4.2 GB X 4,193 downloads in less then a week I believe is roughly 17610 Gigabytes of transfer, 17 Terabytes in 5 days, thanks Sourceforge once again. I look for Ultimate Edition 5.1 to fold that. No screenie, I am hoping to lessen their burden.  This I did not know until today, I am the #1 downloaded KDE project on sourceforge.  Did you know I hate KDE?



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    I agree – I also HATE KDE, too much like Windoze – I hate Gnome, too much like Mac! What I might do is run in Virtual Box then download “OpenBox KDE Session” and see if I like it!!
    Wish me luck!!

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    Dear sir , I have downloaded Ultimate Edition Gamers 5.0
    will I be able to log in to the system, when I installed it to the hardrive , unless it is to in beta
    or so I wait until it is released

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    Yes I don’t like KDE myself , it’s rather like the other KDE versions , Suppose some people like it though,
    Coming to the Ultimate Edition Mate 5.0 . I installed that , then it kept on bringing error messages up on the screen , now I installed Ultimate Edition XFCE 5.0 and this is okay no error messages , , I tried the old ones in the past and they was not very good , but now your distro’s are okay , I sometimes install the new gamers one , but i am still having trouble login into it

    this computer is a German make, its a Medion, but it is still going strong , even now its is a bit dated

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    Yes good luck with the open/box KDE session

    Coming to the other Linux operating Systems I tried , when i tried to install the Microsoft Windows software in wine ,etc, the games
    when I tried the Supertuxkart game for windows , it installed the game but it could not play the game , but when I downloaded the Sonic the Hedgehog game I can play that , , I have found when I installed and tried the other Linux operating systems , it can always play sonic the Hedgehog when I installed it from wine , but I found it is difficult to get the Microsoft software to play

    I did have windows on this computer during the past years , But I did something to the machine , had to get my friend to come and fix it ,

    Now I got Linux on it now , I am happy with your Ultimate Edition , I found it is a good Linux System
    I like The Xfce one better than the rest , including all the other distributions

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    I know full well that you h8 KDE as an operating environment / desktop, TheeMahn.

    However, you have received an extremely high compliment from SourceForge.net.

    Your KDE environment version’s most recently software as uploaded to the world’s most respected and esteemed Open Source Software download website is the most exemplary work in the KDE software platform on SourceForge.net.

    This is an extremely high praise, and it is NOT given lightly. Please try to respect the great honour that had now been bestowed upon your work by the massive community of FOSS users that make up the constituents of SourceForge.net — these people are highly selective, and you are our Top Dog!

    I personally have been a member of SourceForge.net for over 10 years, and of your site for most of that time. As a medically retired former MCSE candidate and network designer and administrator, I have used your KDE environment versions EXCLUSIVELY on all of my PCs and laptops for years. I trust your work and that of your teammates IMPLICITLY, and thank you all for the huge and extremely high quality work you and your people do.

    All this being said, you have a great and very large following in the FOSS community, and what with SourceForge.net being the world’s largest FOSS distribution site, a large and devoted following for your work gets your downloaded software distros from SourceForge.net.

    Please take to heart that MANY folks WANT these KDE distros. We depend on your work to power most if not ALL of their computers. Personally, my use of it is for all computers in my possession, and should you decide to put up any smartphone or tablet versions, I would use that too.

    For me and the many of us out here, we sincerely hope that you maintain the KDE releases off into the future. It has not, does not, and will do not go unnoticed.

    To any other fans of TheeMahn and especially his KDE versions, please do take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful people who make this superb software available for us to use. And if and whenever you can, make a donation to help this great effort.

    Thanks to TheeMahn and all of his “minions” (LOL) and co-workers. Keep up the fabulous work. You folks are truly righteous!


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