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Oh, no not again. I get tired of upgrading websites. Guess where this website is at? That would be the basement… I have already compresses the 9.1 GB of data downloaded it and shoved it to the basement at over 600 MB a sec. Took I think 14 Seconds: Starting upload of /home/theemahn/forumubuntusoftware.info.tar.gz
Status: File transfer successful, transferred 9.1 GB in 14 seconds.

SSH in impregnated the database & running on the 12 Core / 24 thread server in the basement. Look at the address, the forum is offline until I complete the object at hand, will I set the server online? From the basement? I promise you faster then any server I have ever paid for in the past. This one I do not have to pay for it is paid for in full. Unlimited please. A AMD 3900X on a x570 with 60TB of space. It is no slouch. I do have 2 X AMD 32 core opterons offline, down there as well. Almost makes me feel like a hosting company.

Probably wondering why I am looking for a lawyer. If I can see it so can you. My Wifey has domestic Violence on her record from yes get this 25 years ago a M1 (misdeminor 1) violent crimes do not go away. They call it a “no bill”. Never convicted of it, but still on her record. Total Bullshit. Pay to get it expunged. A fight with her sister. 25 YEARS AGO.

Funny, felonies go away in 7 years. I had 7 of them all are gone. Child support, what were they thinking there? Took my Drivers License first so I could not find a job, they did not stop took my second house I bought, then gave me a felony, to ensure I could not get a job. All that is gone now. I honestly can not say that they screwed with my un-employment as well, actually locked it up, apologized & sent me a check.

I bet you are wondering what the other 6 are. Criminal Tools X 3, Fraud X 3. I cashed a check from a company I used to own & pre-dominantly why I no longer accept money from you even as a donation.

A fella ordered for his hotel. Roughly $3,000 worth of shit. In bedding. Comforters etc. Sent me U.S. Postal Money orders for the transaction. They were fraudulent. Sent me 3 X $1,000 US postal money orders. The end resolve? A pen I used to sign the checks is called a criminal tool. 3X, fraud? I did not know. I am glad that is behind me. I shut down that company, did you know they wanted to fly me to California to put me on TV I did have the highest in sales across the board. I was making PHAT Money then, as I sleep. Still charged that is solid BS.

Takes one bad apple.

It is no longer on my record, any of it. Did I have to tell you no. My mother always taught me honesty is always the best policy.

Yes, I am still TheeMahn

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