I promise, I deliver [Part 2]

by on Nov.06, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

This is probably not the best way to start this. I did say I would address the addressable factors in part 1.

New phone arrived today Was not chump change. Yes, I have the ability & have built software for them as well. The impact I can have is massive. I have advanced multiple applications. Let’s strike that out we do not give a damn.

Let’s move forward. I am waiting for a AMD 3950X (actually 2 of them), been waiting probably 4 months or better. How the hell did I know it was coming? I build Operating Systems & have done so since 2006, not much slips under the radar here.

I hate to be forthcoming to NVidia or the fan boys. The 5700XT from AMD was NOT a high end AMD GPU. I know how Intel buffs got excited as AMD handed them their ass, even Intel admits it. The same will happen again, this time to NVidia. I will not provide data, nor will I provide facts. How many Operating System Developers do you know? I thought I established I am a programmer. I started writing software at 11 years old.

Many applications I have advanced and will no longer individually point them out. Software, & Operating Systems. Writing a blog is time I could have spent writing software.

I am trying to get away from blogging as well. Minus Major releases. Did you know I can do that? I write the rules up here. There is that Cocky shit.


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