Ultimate Edition 3.8

by on Dec.13, 2013, under Hosting, Linux, Programming, Themes, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition 3.8 has been released worldwide. The full release info can be viewed here. I am simultaneously releasing Ultimate Edition 3.9 to Admin, Beta testers & Donors. This is not a final product. My personal goal is to release Ultimate Edition 4.0 before I even begin to slow down:

The reason for the rapid succession of releases? I was and still am way behind on release cycles. No-one says that you have to upgrade. If you are happy where you are with say Ultimate Edition 3.4.2 etc. Then by all means stay there. Ultimate Edition 3.8 is not a LTS, however unlike Ultimate Edition 3.6 and Ultimate Edition 3.7 is quite stable. The release of Ultimate Edition 4.0 will be from the Saucy branch, naturally Ultimate Edition 4.1 (KDE based) also coincides with Saucy. It is at that point that I will be caught up and can return to programming. One of the nice things about Open Source is the freedom of choice.

The presure and workload on me in pushing releases has caused me to write some new software that at least partially automates my building process, at this point it is w/o error. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing ;) Sorry about the incorrect links above, was pointed to the draft. The situation has now been rectified.

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