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Happy Holidays from the Ultimate Edition Team. First a huge thanks to Sourceforge & Baracuda Networks Copy. They have provided I’m sure into the Petabytes of traffic & remained up to the best of my knowledge. Copy is awesome. They are currently hosting 377.8 GB of Ultimate Edition Goodness, yet our usage is 156.1 GB of 1.1 Terabytes total. I have taken the time to debianize thier newest Copy application version 1.40.0196.

We are providing it for download, this isn’t even in recently released Ultimate Edition 3.8. Even though Ultimate Edition technically does not need the extra space, I am providing a referal link. This way if you have not signed up with Copy you can get an extra 5GB of space, 20 GB in total, for free!!!

New version availiable for download

Version 1.40.0196

One of the things I noticed when I downloaded the tar.gz from Copy’s website is the introduction of an arm based application. I have taken the liberty of building it into a deb as well, however I am not going to release it until I have physically ran and tested the application on the MK 809 III. The MK 809 III has not currently arrived, they have until the 19th of December to deliver. I have already built an Operating System for it I am itching to test. ;)

Release name: Linux Copy Client
Architecture: AMD64 (64 bit)
Version: 1.40.0196
Homepage: http://copy.com/
Size: 18.5 MB (18,549,584 bytes)
Download: Download

Release name: Linux Copy Client
Architecture: i386 (32 bit)
Version: 1.40.0196
Homepage: http://copy.com/
Size: 18.5 MB (18,515,496 bytes)
Download: Download

You do not get 20 GB of space until you:

  • 1. Sign up
  • 2. Verify your email address.
  • 3. Install one of the above applications

If you use Windows, iOS, Android, Mac you can get the client from the Copy website. Once you have your own account you can refer others to get both you and them an extra 5GB, what a wonderful deal for free. Just how good is Copy? I tried sharing a single Ultimate Edition ISO, I believe Ultimate Edition 2.6.8 x64 on DropBox and was shutdown the same day I uploaded it. I shared it with a few people on our forums, a small amount of traffic compared to the traffic this website sees. Have you seen how many ISO’s Copy hosts for us?

Enjoy your free webspace & Happy Holidays,


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