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What did Glenn buy a Game? He does not have time for Games.
What RAM is 88 GB/s?

You are right, I do not play games. Well what did I buy? Should I say Reserve. They are not out yet. Do not let the Internet misconstrued information. I reserved the most expensive version. I read all over the place they are comparing it to a Nintendo Switch. There is no comparison. This is a Full PC in the Palm of your hands. Runs Linux, you could drop Windows on it & run Nintendo Games on it in Linux via emulator. The Skys the Limits. Yes, it does play No Man’s Sky! AAA Games all day!

Back to the point, that is not why I bought it. I will build a O/S for it. A portable PC I am onboard. Not a Craptop. They are only taking reservations this month. Nothing about it scares me, I have written software for touch screens. This will grab you, many sites did not know or lied. This tiny unit has 16GB Quad Channel Memory and LPDDR6 to boot. APU (Accelerated Processing Unit)’s LOVE FAST RAM. Not DDR4 or 5 that is a 6 and quad channel. I can not wait to launch Ram Booter on the device. I imagine using solidly ram will increase battery life as well. I still have the ability to “mount” the NVME. That is where I am at today. That is the first time I have posted running in a ram session, pay close attention to the service. As soon as I fix that it is ON!!! My beta testers will not get it until I get it fixed period.

I have been accused in the past for my meticulous execution. I do not want to put crap in your hands or my beta testers. I am currently the only one that has that software.

For example: Benchmarking your RAM (Random Access Memory), please wait… Why would you want to do that in a ram session? I can understand if you have never ran a PC in RAM, however you are running it. Frivolous. More software to write. Understand this clearly when I am done, nothing will stand in my way of “The Quest for Speed”. I have hit your CPU in Parallel processing. I hit your network with UNO (Ultimate Networking Optimizer). Now I am hitting the beast your memory. I am a fairly scary fella. My results will speak for them self. My ultimate Goal is to make your PC work for you, not you work for your PC.

I told the HR person I work for today, I used to be an enabler. I make it so you no longer have to think. I guess I still am. I suppose the Genius IQ helps. Has anyone ever looked into the “Fall of Rome” Stage 5?

Entertainment is stage 5, climb on your cell phone.

What do I know??

Rumors ore one thing, speculation the next. Nothing is set in stone yet!

Let me Quote:

“One of two spec points to have been expanded upon since the reveal concerns the AMD processor’s memory controllers – the quad channel configuration effectively confirms 88GB/s of bandwidth, and in terms of the balance of GPU compute vs memory throughput, the good news is that Steam Deck is well within the ratios defined by Xbox Series consoles and PlayStation 5 – and the hope is, of course, that the handheld will scale down gracefully from these machines.”

Boot from RAM at 88GB/s? I have quad NVME’s in raid and is spit compared to that (16 GB/S) cost me over a grand. Steam Deck’s ram is 5.5X as fast. What do you think will happen to Game Play? It really is not a question from what I see.


A: I will sell the software to them, no-one has it yet including my beta testers.
B: I will take over.

I did contact Steam. The ball is their court now. If they do not get back with me Option “B” will happen and that is a fact.


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