RyZen in the House!!!

by on Jun.16, 2017, under Ultimate Edition

    Let me start by placing thanks.  Thanks to Poweruser2600 for the RX470 MSI Gaming 8GB card on the cheap (does 4K gaming just fine).  Thanks Finetuch for the Ryzen 1700X on the cheap.  AMD and Bob for shares in AMD for free.

    Well I did say I was going to get a new Ryzen system complements of AMD, sold 100 Shares of AMD last Thursday & a new Rig has magically appeared.  Ultimate Edition 5.4 worked off the rip, only thing I currently can’t get working is the USB 3.1 Type-C (Works on USB 3.0).  I am working on it for Ultimate Edition 5.5, which I built in break neck speed & have not even began over clocking it:

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 1.9.9, 05/04/2017
GNU tmosb home page: .
E-mail bug reports to: .
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-5.5-x64/ -YES
on Thu Jun 15 20:52:18 EDT 2017 by theemahn on JackHammer

Source Build platform:
JackHammer is an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor resonating at 2200.000 Mhz
MEMORY: 16,425,008 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 5.4 ”

Destination Distribution Information
Distribution Base: zesty
Architecture: amd64
Detected Desktop Environments:
Destination Distribution Software

Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 5.5
KERNEL: -4.10.0-23-generic.efi.signed
LTS (Long term supported): No
Data Preparer: Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Full
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Kde-plasma
Isoname: ultimate-edition-5.5-x64.iso
Installed Size: 11,750,694,912 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 5.5 “Zesty Zapus” – Release x64 (20170615)
Build logs:
URL: http://ultimateedition.info/Ultimate_Edition_/

Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

Ryzen 7 Build

SSD & Thumb


12 TB Raid 10gbps

2 X 6TB drives

On water!


Rocking NVME


    The fastest computer I have EVER sit behind.  I can only imagine what a AMD Threadripper will be like coming next month.  I asked for a Naples err Epyc from AMD by the wifey’s request & they never got back with me a $4000.00 chip. I do own http://www.amdnaples.com/ http://www.amd-epyc.com/ & others. We will see how things go.

    AMD got a 32 Million dollar grant from the Govt to make Exascale CPUS 2 days ago, maybe I got out AMD stock way too early.  I guess it does not matter, I am not greedy.


    Finally got the second 6 TB to show up and raid 0 it, unfortunately was in Windows that I got it recognized and formatted:

30+ TB

    Building Ultimate Edition 5.5, I am sure even with a Threadripper or Epyc would utilize all cores.  The difference being is the speed in which it gets it done, massive difference between the 8 core that I had.  Benjamin_Breeg now has my old 8 core, board and ram.

Big things are coming.


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