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by on Feb.26, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I have been tweaking tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder). I have made a major break though. The command I used to build aforesaid Operating System. I want you to brace yourself it is coming:

Building with Max compression

Video’s are more convincing, this was 4 days ago. Now you know why I am a AMD fan & investor in AMD, everything just flies. This is not a HEDT (High End DeskTop) Threadripper, this is not an Epyc. This is a Desktop processor.

This Operating System was auto generated using:
TheeMahn’s O/S Builder (tmosb) 2.0.5, 02/23/2020
GNU tmosb home page:
E-mail bug reports to:
Be sure to include the word tmosb somewhere in the Subject: field.

Using the command: tmosb –build ultimate-edition-6.6-x64.iso kde defaultde=kde xfce mate kde lxde gnome gamers developer lite full server compression=maximum -YES
on Wed Feb 26 10:04:11 EST 2020 by theemahn on JackHammer

Source Build platform:

JackHammer is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor resonating at 4725 MHz
CPU Core(s) / Thread(s): 32
MEMORY: 16384620 bytes
HOST ARCH: 64 bit
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ultimate Edition 6.6 Server LTS”

Destination Distribution Information

Distribution Base: Ultimate Edition focal
Architecture: amd64
Detected Desktop Environments:
Build Logs: .disk/tmosb-2.0.5-build-logs.tar.gz
Crash Logs: NONE
Distro: Ultimate Edition
Version: 6.6
KERNEL: -5.4.0-15-generic
LTS (Long term supported): Yes
Data Preparer:
Data Publisher: TMOSB
Type: Developer
Default Desktop Environment(DE): Kde-plasma
Isoname: ultimate-edition-6.6-x64-kde.iso
Installed Size: 15041814528 bytes.
Ultimate Edition 6.6 “Focal Fossa” – Release x64 (20200226)
Build logs: extract-cd/.disk/tmosb-2.0.5-build-logs.tar.gz
Please note: The above url, may not work if the release has not been made public.

I can now smash up to 15GB of data (perhaps more) on a 4.4 GB “DVD” ISO. Do you see all those DE (Desktop environments) on a single DVD? It gets better. It has all the Games from Gamers, all the serving software from server, all the applications from a “Full” release all the applications from a “Lite” release, yes all the Development applications from Developer Edition all on one DVD DISK!!!

How the F^%C did you do that? Innovation in software, please note the “compression=maximum” in the command line. There are negatives to what I have accomplished. It sucked up 7GB of my 16GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) building it & dropped my new CPU on it’s head. I do not use a “swapfile” – 16GB of RAM should be enough right. lol, I may buy 32 or 64GB of RAM because of this, it put a serious load on my new liquid cooled rig.

Not providing compression= in the command switch will build as it always has called “Default compression”. I have also added a “compression=fast” switch, which is the opposite.

I am not going to release it until I have tested it and shown it to my best buddy, an exp realty agent by day and a fellow computer nerd by night. Boot fine in a VM (Virtual Machine). I may drop it on the server in the basement, unless I have Volunteers. I am sure we have about a 1,000 here. 😉 I still want to hone it before I drop it.

I fixed a bunch of errors in Tmosb, evidently Version is spelled vesion lol. I bet 15 grammatical errors. To be honest with you I did not care about those, they don’t physically stop software. It now builds a O/S first time though w/o using modify switch to fix issues or errors. That started happening today. I slept squat because of errors, got home from work and fixed them all at least to the best of my knowledge.

Can you imagine me making a Gamers Edition now. This is what I tried, building a lite off xfce and adding every Linux game in one snap downloaded 22 GB did not fit. I probably can get away with 60 – 80% of “ALL” Open Source Linux games on one disk.

Did you know I could go proprietary? I will dump what I have written Open source. Did I hide Repostorm from you? To be honest with you I should be a Billionaire. Years ago, I told you I do not care about money.

Here is what I want you to really think about. “Repostorm is Devoked via programmer”. Well that would be by me. Wait until I open that up. Will chew the piss out of my resources, the end results? That would be something I do as I go to my other job. Don’t care, beat the piss out of my rig and servers. If in conjunction they can’t “Get r done” in 12 hours then I will upgrade until it does. Like Intel, I will throw money at the problem.

I also want you to understand Microsoft: lover of open source is patching their O/S to take advantage of 128 threads (ThreadRipper). Thank god they do not have to support Epyc. Here in Linux Land we can handle thousands of CPU cores / threads. To be honest no limit. How do you like AMD now? They should have compared a AMD 3950x a desktop CPU to a Intel Desktop CPU, no lets compare it to a server CPU & still crushed it.
I was pissed off about that. Money well spent. Compare Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges. An AMD Epyc is probably 4 or five times as fast as what you seen. Let’s start comparing a Desktop CPU to a Server CPU.

AMD is off the chain, we will talk again when “Big Navi” drops & gets you NVidia fellas rallied up. You will go down like Intel. Yes, I have seen what is coming. Yes, I seen the fake 24GB HBM2e (you do know AMD invented HBM) That stands for High Bandwidth Memory. I like to think of it as an apartment with multiple doors. the amount of doors is your bus. 3D stacked memory. I can’t wait until they start stacking CPU’s the same way.

Hard to mess with me is it not.

Let’s start to think,

You are about to see it. Even my Beta testers do not have it yet!

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