When it rains it pours…

by on Sep.02, 2010, under Ultimate Edition

Sorry for the downtime, I have had a bit of a crisis on hand. My girlfriend of 11 years has caught Tuberculosis (TB) & possibly has Cancer. We now have the health department visiting our house daily and we use products like Delta 8 cartridges to deal with her pain.

The journey we’re on has been an eye-opener in many ways, particularly in understanding how various health conditions can be eased with different types of medication, including cannabis. It’s fascinating and, at times, a relief to discover how alternative treatments like cannabis products can play a significant role in managing symptoms, especially in cases where traditional medications may not be as effective or can have challenging side effects.

For instance, in our situation, Los Angeles Dispensary has been a game-changer in managing pain and discomfort. Beyond just pain relief, I’ve read about and heard from others how cannabis can aid with symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and even sleep disturbances, all of which are common in serious health conditions. This exploration into alternative therapies has been an unexpected journey, and it’s highlighted how diverse and personalized medical treatment can be.

It’s also opened up a dialogue about the broader implications and potential benefits of cannabis and similar products in the medical field. There seems to be a growing recognition of their value, especially in palliative care and chronic conditions. This shift in perspective is not just about embracing new treatments but also about understanding and respecting the diverse needs and responses of patients facing various health challenges.

As we continue to navigate through this tough time, I’m hopeful and grateful for the ways in which these alternative options have provided some comfort and relief. It reinforces the idea that healthcare and treatment are not one-size-fits-all and that being open to different approaches can sometimes lead to finding the best path for each individual’s wellbeing.

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  • jovavich

    sorry to here this,god will help you .soon ur girl friend will recover…
    will pray god,,,,,you can spend more time for your girl friend,,,later you can concentrate on this

    hope all is well

  • blazeheroic

    To TheeMahn,

    I’ve got a fairly good idea what you’re going through TheeMahn. My girlfriend of 3 years recently broke up with me, and I know that its not remotely close to what you’re going through. However, I can understand what you mean by the “if she goes, I go with her” prospect.

    I was absolutely destroyed when it first happened, but as time went on, I realized that I had to live my life. Get out, meet people, just live. I know that is what my girlfriend wanted, and I know that’s what your girlfriend would want.

    If she truly loved you, she wouldn’t want you to live out the rest of your life as an emotional cripple who has little to no human interaction. She would want you to move on. Sure, she would want you to remember her, I don’t think I could ever forget mine, but you would have to move on.

    Oh geez, this is terrible speculation, I’m so sorry. I’m just trying to help you come to grips with something that may happen. We all hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, I hope you can take what I’ve said here truly to heart.

    Yours truly, and with lots of wishes,


    • TheeMahn

      I have yet to hear my results. I took a chest xray 2 or 3 days ago. Won’t matter if I am hit then I guess. If there is a chance I may be leaving the world, I will educate Mr. Breeg. He can take over, I will not leave you guys hanging. I did not want to let this out of the bag yet, but how many ppl read comments 😉

      http://ps3ultimate.info/ I have no official announcement, yet. You read it here first.

  • hbot

    Yeah. . .

    I’ve had the experience of all members at work having to report for needle prick, wait three days and check if you were exposed to a TB infected person.

    Thereafter I also had to report for X-Rays (well the test said I had contact). I was cleared after 2 weeks….did not have to take medicine.

    As the controlling person said – he knew the exact passages where the person(s) are having TB – and they take precautionary measures. Phew – 400 people to test…

  • rocpaynex

    Check this site out … http://www.miraclemineral.org .. you can download 2 free books … this is not some quack .. MS solution could possibly help .. but no matter what you do .. YOU and YOURS are in our prayers daily .. I really love your linux version but you have to take care of your love one first …

  • esoterikest

    sending you good vibes… 🙂

  • D1Knight

    Hi TheeMahn. How are you? I pray that everything is improving. I appreciate you very much.

    I took a look at UE 2.8, it looks awesome and beautiful, as usual. You and the whole team, do excellent work, that is for sure. I am about to test out the UE 2.8 64bit. When I tried Ubuntu 10.10 MM-final 64bit, my wireless-I could see my correct network, but no connection. Then I tried the Ubuntu 32bit version and it connects with no problem (Twilight Zone music playing-LOL ;)). Since my puter is a AMD 64bit, should work, right? Time for UE 2.8 Thanks again for all your hard and impressive work. You are Thee Man. 🙂

    May the peace of God (The peace that surpasses all understanding.) rule in your heart. Just Jesus. Peace.

  • sandman6471

    Hey, I don’t run UE as my main system. I love keeping up with what you bring to the table next in every new version. Yes, I do grab me a copy to play around with every now and then. You have an amazing gift, my dear sir. You’ve also been blessed wtih a partner in life for 11 yrs. or more. She is the most important part of your life. You need to take what ever time you need to take care of her and yourself. UE will be here when your ready to come back. May the Lord bless you and your entire family. Your in my prayers boss. Take Care

    • TheeMahn

      Can I be honest with you, blessed with computer knowledge, everything comes to me naturally. Karen on the other side, I look for us to come to an end. Solidly hateful tword me, no matter what I try to do to help her. I am not a Psychologist, however I think she thinks differently then you or I & is very bitter, her own family feels the same way. I will sleep on the couch tonight, won’t be the first time.

  • D1Knight

    Hey TheeMahn.:) I thank you kindly for your efforts to add more wireless to UE 2.8 Unfortunately, for me UE 2.8 64bit had a similar result to 64bit Ubuntu 10.10 MM…no wireless. The upside is the UE 2.8 32bit wireless worked, just fine. The type of wireless I have is called Ralink Rt3090. I looking forward to UE 2.6.1, sounds awesome. 🙂 God bless.

    • TheeMahn

      I am not trying to be a prick, but I hope you can understand what I have done in the past. I opened a thread on Ubuntu forums site asking to fix anyones issues they had with wireless, not only is the thread deleted. Ubuntu or canonical in general just does not care for me. I can assure you of that. I do not want to open a war, I honestly just want to fix issues. They do not see it that way. I had a huge post on their forum before I bought our forum, yes that is also gone. I am shocked they left my account open there, not that I hang out there.

      Google is my buddy, I stand corrected. Perhaps reimplemented: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=507199 3 years ago none the less 😉

      Once I seen the demand I had to quit. I am sorry, I can either make the O/S and implement as many wireless features I know, or spend my dying days working on nothing but wireless.

  • D1Knight

    Hey TheeMahn. 🙂 No worries, my friend. After taking a look at the Ubuntu forum thread…Wow you were quite busy over there with helping people with there wireless issues. I see what you mean, if you didn’t leave, you’d still be there-forever and a day.

    The only reason, I mentioned my type of wireless (I do believe about 2 months ago I had seen in launchpad.net, someone was working on getting together a package for my type of wireless-obviously it did not make into Ubuntu 10.10 MM64bit.) is if you happened to come across a package/situation (If so-cool, if not totally understandable.), where it could be included in a future release. Definitely not to take too much extra time with it. I can tell, for sure you have more than enough on your plate…busy,busy.

    In the end, I am just real thankful that I am able to run the current releases of OSs, even if it is the 32bit versions (Driver is rt2800pci). 😀

    I thank you kindly, for your response. 🙂 Have a great week/end. God bless you.

    • TheeMahn

      I try the same way as far as O/S’s, I got a wake up call today. I typically get a earful (my local testers are not afraid to say anything), well you are downloading gamers for example. Why should there be software to create a webpage for example. I have always tried to keep things together. I love my testers / critics. Try and maintain this way of thinking. As much as I hate to do so, I will rip down Ultimate Edition 2.8 to basic essentials and re-build with games a many. First time in Ultimate Edition history, thank Mr_Breeg. He was the one that said, “You won’t like to hear this”. A delay in release, sure. Outcome, we shall see. Not that I did not have enough on my plate. I have a can of worms to open up with Ultamatix, please give me the time. Every step I take is a step back currently.

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