What is a AMD ThreadRipper?

by on Aug.08, 2021, under Ultimate Edition

NASTY!!! I have started buying one. An expensive venture. I have currently only bought a Computer case, PSU (Power supply), RAM (Minimum it will take 4 sticks & paid more then that), liquid Cooling for the CPU Current tally ~$1,400.00 I do not have a mainboard or CPU yet, video card for that matter. I plan on getting a Liquid cooled Video card too, no not 4 of them. I play games rarely. I do have 4 NVMES I can shove in one PCIE 4.0 slot it that will save me a grand & transfer 16GB a sec. I could do that times 5. Just one slot. The bandwidth they have is absolutely massive. That absolutely Crushes anything Intel has, yes that includes their servers. If I were to buy a processor from AMD $4,700 for just the CPU. That will change in one month. September AMD will drop the 5000 series ThreadRipper. I am sure even faster, same token will cut the chip I want in half. Yes, still alot of money. I am writing Multi-core processing technology. If I fully populate the RAM, quad channel. Faster then the NVMES I will drop in it, I am ignoring the money. As I said over a grand. Ram booter will crush that. If what AMD offers in the 5000 series is compelling. I may drop the money for it.

Understand this clearly I am the only man on this planet that has seen that software even my beta testers do not have it. The Wifey wants me to copywrite it before you see it. Yes, I will take care of our users first & freely.


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