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by on Apr.19, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I am at the letter “L”, I will release a report. I will let you know I have seen a bunch of debs being analytically say:

Scanning ./libghc-markdown-unlit-doc_0.5.0-2build2_all.deb for errors. ./libghc-markdown-unlit-doc_0.5.0-2build2_all.deb is a perfect deb. Moving to ./debs/

Great job Gentlemen. It will probably take a day or 2 for it to finish. That is a lot of data. Ubuntu should pay me for the service I am about to provide. The server is no slouch. It is processing those files on raided PCIE4 NVME & 12 cores / 24 threads. A Ryzen 3900X. As the market plunges, where is AMD heading?


40,018 Perfect deb(s) of 60,890 deb(s)
Error(s): 255,009 | Warning(s): 85,068 | Info: 6,441
Extraction of 20,870 deb(s) complete. No errors detected in extraction.
Timer: 1h2m1s (Took over an hour to extract & that is on raid 0 Sabrent Rockets each capable of over 3,000 MB/s write speed)

Now I have to “fix them” and re-build 20,870 debs. So far over 3,000 types of errors fixed. Do not confuse error types and errors. One type of error could have fixed 1,000 errors. I suppose I should add a “TOTALERRORSFIXED” variable then I would know before I have to re-build them. We will know in a few days. Like I said in the previous post, this is a long process. I need to buy an Epyc 😉

I will not wipe out 255,009 Error(s), Yes, Repostorm fixes “Warnings” as well. If I get rid of just one Error, is Ultimate Edition Linux not better then Ubuntu? I will not tell you where I am at. It is in the Thousands error wise, 100K of errors / warnings in one swipe, we are going to swipe it 3 X.

The worst error: dir-or-file-in-opt opt Almost 30,000 errors, even after I fixed their initial errors. Why do you feel /opt/ is the place to install your files?

If you do not fix it I will. Put your arch independent files in “/usr/share/${YOURAPPNAME}/”, will probably be the first time your wont get a error report.

I can almost guarantee, I have to write 2 functions. One to move the files to where they should be and a second one to scan links to fix it. ERRORS=0.

I did try to tell you. I love doing your JOB! Stop using “/opt/”
omd-1.30.vivid.amd64.deb Errors:22508 Warnings:222 Info:0
pycharm-community-sloppy_2019.3.3-1~ndall_amd64.deb Errors: 3241 Warnins: 393 Info: 0

Let me tell you I am writing software for Ventoy a new toy and, yes it is currently not a perfect deb. I did not write the software other then the frontend, I put a GUI to a CLI client and debianized it: Ventoy


I have been chatting with the original writer of “Ventoy”, if all goes well we will be the first “Ventoy” compatible Operating System. I am going to tell you. I can load over 100 Operating Systems on a single thumb-drive on a single thumbdrive & boot them all as an ISO Image, no conversion necessary & install them . Windows does not matter. That is still in the works. Instead of finding what is compatible, they should have went the other direction, incompatible. You have done a great-job: longpanda That is coming from a Elite programmer ( 40 years of it ).

Do you know I make a Operating System builder? I can inject your initramfs. My job is to remove issues, not add them. We will see.


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