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I have built ultimate-edition-4.6-x64-gamers.iso that is straight up off the chain. I did intervene on tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) a new build that is 4 times the size of my earlier release. I used the –modify command and added a few goodies non-native to gamers in the past. Sorry, I do not have the time to document changes in software I create. Once perfection is met I will, then I just move on to the next program I am developing. I can almost promise you just one program I am writing will 100% adjust your life. How can I say that? I want you to stay in disbelief, and will not elaborate.

It is the ultimate entertainment system. It has a list of games that just scrolls by on the screen even on a 4K monitor, it does not stop there XBMC has been pre-injected & pre-setup into the system with over a million channels / streams to cut the cable TV bill on 69 networks, and the ability to add more. I initially said 70, sorry had to cut “Ted Talks” from the list. Repostorm (another program I am developing) found a ton of errors and I was too lazy to fix them 😉 Things get better, most commercial free. This release I look to roll right up to the top, Gamer or not.

That sounds fantastic, surely that is the end? No, Compiz is back and rocking right off the live disk. Productivity? The entire libreoffice suite is also included. Wine & PlayonLinux are pre-installed to allow you to play your Windows games, not to mention steam also pre-installed. This one fits on a DVD women and gentlemen.

I want to break down this for the gamers, I can play more games in this O/S then any Windows based O/S can, after all there is no Linux emulator for Windows (please feel free to chime in). Do all Windows games just play? No, but many just do, without having to set wine up for the game & then 90% or better do. All of this will be coming your way at a cost of $0, what do you have to lose?

I fixed our forum too, go2web20, twitter and I do not play well together. I have 22 domains. I am sure you will find our forum is once again quite snappy. I do not like the title of webmaster and hate to intervene, none the less fixed.

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    In the last few releases, from 4.2.1 on to 4.4, The Ultimate Edition Software has not functioned at all. Without it, I cannot install the Printers module. The Software Center just starts to run and then quits.

    Is there somewhere I can install the Printers module on its own? BTW doing the install –reinstall process has not changed anything.

    Also, I vote to have the Printers module installed as standard equipment. It does not show for me anywhere. There is no option for it in System Tools.

    Thanks, Craig

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    it won’t boot. I used unetbootin and usb drive no go, I burned the iso to a dvd no go, so what’s next? 🙂 shit!

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    Indeed a Great future ahead of UE and it’s user’s…..

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    i haVe donloaded multiple times but it doesnt boot, used all sources UUI,UNETBOOTIN etc even though the donloaded file matches its MD5 SUM

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    Sir I also downloaded the ultimate-edition-4.6-x64-gamers iso several times & tried to boot it but it start and then fails saying ‘found no live medium’ & ‘error in usb drives descriptor…something like that’.Also I found that there are some folders like ‘dists’, ‘pool’ missing from the iso.I tried to fix them by including those folders from ubuntu 15.04 vivid velvet edition to that and reforming the iso with an iso tool but the same boot promlem arise.Not only for this edition but the same problem I faced with the latest lts release ultimate-edition-4.2.3-x64-lite-mate.Those folders are also missing from the iso. Sir please provide me the necessary solution to fix the boot problem as I am very eagerly awaiting to have a taste of your great O/S build by tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder).Thank you Sir.

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