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We have a new gamers; many have been snagging w/o a official announcement (90 ppl before it was even finished uploading), now consider it official. Let me explain what it is.

I took Ultimate Edition 2.4 installed 255 updates / upgrades. I then installed a new theme “Lava”, installed Urban Terror, and a map pack I have written for it.

Well that does not sound like much of a gamers edition does it? According to a Bubble Cash report, Ultamatix will provide you 46 additional games soon to be 49. In case you did not catch that a new Ultamatix is also coming. I can only cram so much on a DVD. Why Urban Terror?

Finetuch is going to pay for a dedicated Urban Terror server so us UE users can beat the tar out of each other 😉 You can read and learn more about that here. I look forward to beating a few of you down myself while I relax thanks to the Delta 9 products that are great for this. Please pay close attention to architecture when downloading. I do want to point out I no longer run windows; why? I kept it around for games; I have no use for it anymore. When I am done you will as well.

A few shots for you, note all shots are off a live USB stick:

Compiz live Ultimate Edition 2.4 Desktop

Sorry to spend an extra day have what will be our urban terror server http://ultimateurbanterror.info. Finetuch is your admin there. I will whack a few of you for sure. A free for all is coming. I can personally unleash stress there, although I also use cbd products like jeeter juice which also help me feel less stressed. Wait until it is officially set up, you will quickly understand. Sick puppies tells me one of us is going down. I will not accept anything short of a 1 to 1 ratio, I will earn it.

Enjoy ladies & gents,


Release Name: Ultimate Edition Gamers
Version Base: Ultimate Edition 2.4 (Karmic)
Environment(s): Gnome
Architecture: x64
Filesize: 4,030,230,528 (4.0GB)
MD5SUM: f048342826bcc7bf9986f36b18b48e0b

Download: Sourceforge

Release Name: Ultimate Edition Gamers
Version Base: Ultimate Edition 2.4 (Karmic)
Environment(s): Gnome
Architecture: x86
Filesize: 4,260,241,408 (4.0GB)
MD5SUM: 31d61c4f93cc1121690bd289a68e37e5

Download: Sourceforge

Lets let the cat out of the bag; incomplete NTL coming http://ultimateurbanterror.info/


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  • rrdavis1959

    Great work. For the next version, you should at least consider adding the free multiplayer Postal 2:STP. Native Linux installer and a helluva lot o fun.


    • TheeMahn

      There are many considerations being placed on the upcoming gamers will be dropped Lucid based. An alpha of UE 2.6 was released to beta testers and admin and I have received rave reviews. We still have a ways to go NTL.

  • Luf-Aleks

    Where can I download ultimate-edition-2.4-x86-gamers.iso a torrent tracker? Not nahol no seats on popular sites. http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/ultimateedition/ultimate-edition-2.4-x86-gamers.iso?use_mirror=ignum here download the entire 25-30 kb/s 🙁 .

  • DominicusMajere

    Hea I have been trying to download this but I cant get any of the servers from sourceforge to respond. Is there a way that you could make a torrent of both versions of the 2.3 gamers edition? I would like to try it out. Thanks for making this kickass distro.

  • DominicusMajere

    Sorry I forgot to say the 2.4 gamers edition that you just made. Sorry for the typo.

  • Nethersprite

    This sounds like a n00b question, and may be a tiny bit off-topic, but I might as well ask the masters. I’ve been looking for a reason to completely abandon Windows, and I found that reason with Ultimate Edition (the only thing holding me to Windows was gaming). So now that I can build a Linux gaming rig, my question is this: how good is ATi’s Linux driver support? I had heard that it was really terrible back then, but I also heard that starting with the HD 4xxx series ATi started bundling native Linux drivers on the driver CDs, so I just wanted an update on how things were going. Thanks in advance.

    • TheeMahn

      I am going to be honest with you, I have and run a ATI Radeon 1650. Actually have 2 of them. The Linux support for those cards are impeccable (I can run compiz live w/o any ATI driver, just native linux driver). Native 3D support. AMD’s err ATI’s support for those cards is sub par. I have recently purchased a new Mainboard with tripple SLI (Nvidia), why? My girlfriend has a video card that is years older and fully supported by Nvidia. My video card which is newer 512MB has 0 support from ATI. Nvidia, while they do not have native drivers yet (this is being done as I type and do have 2D working). Nvidia does at least make drivers for their video cards.

      I want you to think about this, I own AMD which bought ATI is it in my best interest to create a motherboard that only supports ATI? I call it a monopoly ladies and gents. HD native support maybe in a year or 2. I am sorry does not stop the huge factor of AMD / ATI mainboards you will see in the future.

      I could spew on for hours in software development in nix & prefer not to make an ass of myself, I do plenty good of a job w/o trying to do so. 😉

      • Nethersprite

        Whoa. I knew ATi drivers generally sucked (and that’s for Windows), but they’re so bad that they’re even worse than the Linux drivers? Didn’t expect that. But, it’s good news at any rate that ATi Linux drivers

        Your other point is pretty interesting as well. I was recently looking at some new Socket AM3 motherboards. Most had an AMD chipset, and they only supported Crossfire, not SLI. Sure, you could run a single nVidia card, but not two or three. On top of that is Fusion coming up, which integrates AMD and ATi even closer together! It would be really bad for the market if we had only two routes to choose from: AMD/ATi, or Intel/nVidia.

  • DominicusMajere

    So email a way so I can download the 2.4 version of the gamers I still cant get it from sourceforge. I think that you should make a torrent for both the x86 and the x64 version. Email me back if ya do.

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