Ultimate Edition 3.0 Lite

by on Aug.02, 2011, under Gamers, Linux, Ubuntu, Ultimate Edition

Well ladies and gents we now have Ultimate Edition 3.0 Lite. Please do not make this into what it is not. This is a lite edition made for computers with low resources. It is in no way even close to what the non lite Ultimate Edition 3.0 will be. This is specifically designed for computers with low resources IE notbooks etc. You can read more about that here.

Just a heads up Ultimate Edition 3.0 Gamers is being tested. I used lite as the base of the build why? Mr. Breeg and I were chewing the fat on my intentions with Gamers Edition, he asked if I was going to strip apps from Ultimate Edition 3.0 to make room for games. A bell went off why strip apps when we have a lightweight O/S with the bare essentials. Makes tons of room for games & what is the purpose of gamers? Let’s play some games 😉 Screenshot and artwork courtesy of Cowboy. The list of games is too big for me to fit in one screenshot is the end result 🙂

Ultimate Edition 3.0 Gamers Ultimate Edition 3.0 games 1 Ultimate Edition 3.0 games 2



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