Ultimate Edition 2.5

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Ultimate Edition 2.5




Ultimate Edition 2.5?

    What is Ultimate Edition 2.5? Ultimate Edition 2.5 was built off Ultimate Edition 2.4 (Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 based) all upgrades pre-installed as of current. It has KDE, XFCE, and Gnome user selectable at login, 3 new themes and tons of apps. This release is huge obviously bigger then UE 2.4 😉 I am not going to spend my time writing a webpage, but just a post. Even though it is a very worthy release and deserves a webpage. I have alot on my plate in programming and other activities & I do mean alot. It has been out about a week, forum users have been grabbing it left and right.

It took me about a week to get the time to write this post albeit a webpage for it.

Screenshots can be viewed on the forum as well as additional download links. I am going to provide only one dowload link (25 mirrors) on this post from sourceforge; perhaps our bandwidth issues are now a thing of the past & maybe, just maybe I can do my job 😉






Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.5
Environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE
Architecture: x64
Filesize: 3,205,941,248 (3.1 GB)
MD5SUM: 72699b8b11c7ebe8ce6e7e5071269079

DOWNLOAD: Sourceforge

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.5
Environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE
Architecture: x86
Filesize: 3,187,867,648 (3.1 GB)
MD5SUM: cf13b6229a2094658c64cf815bc606ff

DOWNLOAD: Sourceforge

PLEASE SEE Forum Thread for details.


Thanks to: ekoice, JonaLinux, unixheads, University of Maryland, l337buntu, Cavedog for mirrors & Admin / mods / beta testers.

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  • copain

    Hi Theemahn,
    i appreciate the effort you put to develop UE 2.5 and its really rocking.but i just wanna point not something.
    Upto UE 2.3 it was very easy to make live usb persistent using unetbootin.its not possible in 2.4 and 2.5….only a black screen with Revolving UE Globe mouse cursor is coming..nothing else…
    Please consider this also when you develop a new version
    thnx for your effort…

  • sritheboss

    hi i have some error while establishing the connection to internet (i use BSNL broadband with siemens c2110 modem) .please suggest a solution for me to debug that error in ultimate edition2.5.

    Thnx in advance

    • TheeMahn

      I am sorry I do not have the time to resolve everyones issues. I would however suggest you visit our forum, perhaps a post has been dropped of a similar issue. If not open a thread. I am sure one of our fine admin (we have over 50) will help you resolve your issue. It is a awesome community we have over 9000 users as well, I have seen users help users (this is how they become admin).

    • saleem

      first of all you select a networkmanager from the right conner of panel and then edit connection edit eth0, edit IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway address. then apply.Now you will be automatically connected. then go to terminal run sudo pppoeconf,
      give userid password, then press enter till connection establishes. Now you are connected ti internet.
      if you have trouble pls mail me

  • rickyx

    Please i need some help. I have downloaded UE 2.5 and when i try to install it, at 23 % it says that there is an error of the disc …. I think that the 3 GB iso i downloaded may be corrupted.
    Tell me what to do, please.
    You can still mail me erick.toussaint23@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.

  • TheMacias

    No torrents for UE ?

  • TheMacias

    “No torrents for UE ?” -> I meant Ultimate Edition 2.5… there were torrents for previous versions and I preferred this download method.

    • TheeMahn

      I am not trying to be a dick. I think, please correct me if I am wrong Sourceforge has been handling it quite nicely. ultimate-edition-2.5-x86.iso @ 3.2 GB dropped 2009-12-16 21,276 downloads… That sounds like 68 Terabytes we did not have to utilise. I no longer mess with mirrors, however we have many. Torrents are now setup by users & can be found on our forum. I am sorry I no longer have the time to do such activities. Are you volunteering?

      Total xfer someone want to drop that figure I am saying petabytes & can see the actual figure. Exobytes are coming.

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