Ultimate Edition 2.4 has been been released

by on Nov.12, 2009, under Ultimate Edition

I’m sorry for the great delay it has been out about a week, but I have had alot happen in the meantime. A burnt power suppy, a smoked 1 TB drive, Painted a house and cought the Flu 😉 I guess it does pay to be a forum member. Read more

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    Practical question. When I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, it recognized my 3g dongle as a usb memory stick only and I could not connect to the internet any more. I had to go back to 9.04.

    Has anything been done about this problem, either by the Ubuntu folk or by you for this distro?


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      I honestly wish I had the time to address every individuals problems, however I once attempted to just squash wireless problems in Ubuntu and found my hands quite full in just doing that not making a distro. I am, but 1 man. I have to weight my time on the many versus the few. Would you prefer I fix your problem or begin writing 2.5? I am not trying to be a prick. I really wiish you all could see what I deal with on a day to day basis. Thank god for our admin & mods.

      Sorry, just raw honesty.

      I will let you know this. Lets say a newer kernel or update fixes your problem after Ubuntu is final; while I am building UE your issue is resolved, to you your problems seem to melt away. It is really not thanks to me, but thanks to them for fixing it. I have fixed many problems with Ubuntu in the disto I write & mind you as I write it. If I see a problem I fix it. I do not have a 3g dongle so that issue would not have arrised to me, however it does not mean it is not fixed.

      I suggest a tour of the live disk and make sure it is working as expected before even considering installation.

      You guys better screenshot this post I am using windows. Only because I am using the ol ladys computer waiting on my power supply 😉

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    Rock Johnson

    I just wanted to say how much we all appreciate the work you do to make these distros so wonderful. You truly are a pioneer for the Linux community in bringing one of the greatest out-of-the-box distros to the community. Ubuntu is great in its own right and you make it even better. Ubuntu should be embracing your efforts to make a more complete operating system.

    With your distro I have less tweaking to do to get my OS where I want it and the software you include really showcases what there is to offer- software I wouldn’t even know existed without using UE. Thanks again and keep up the great work; it is really appreciated.

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    Looks like you have a problem with the bandwith, eh? Is there a a specific reason to not distribute it with torrents?

    / Alex

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    Checked out many distros and love 2.3. Works great on my i7 system. I’m trying to get the 2.4 version. The one download link (bigpond) is only for customers of that provider, which I am not so that isn’t working. When I click join, it asks me to sign up for one their services. Anyway, I want this new version and can’t seem to get it.

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    jose antonio lagos

    quien me puede ayudar aun no puedo instalar en mi Pc ultimate edition llego hasta el 68 % y me sale un error que dice nose puede instalar se encontro un error

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    I just wanted to say fantastic job on the UE releases. For me, these have been some of the best releases of any Linux distro and I am proud to show my laptop and home workstation off to everyone!

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