UE 3.5 in route.

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I recently purchased a second monitor to aid in programming.


theemahn@JackHammer:~$ ./conky-builder.sh
Ultimate Edition Conky builder version 1.13
Please report errors / issues to TheeMahn TheeMahn@ultimateedition.info
Codebase detected: precise
Kubuntu base: detected – odd number release
Distro detected: Ultimate Edition 3.5
Detected current resolution: 3840×1200
Resolution unprogramed defaulting, please report detected resolution above to theemahn@ultimateedition.info
expr: syntax error
Detected Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
64 Bit O/S detected.
6 Cpu core(s) Detected.
Update interval: 2
MemTotal: 16434440 kB
Network interfaces detected:
Scanning for active…
Interface eth0: up
Active Network: eth0
Interface lo: unknown
Active Monitoring Connection: eth0
Radio Tray Running: Yes
Artist – Song: unknown
CPU Temp detected as: 116
Internal / External storage detected:
/ – Root

Hmm, an error to report to myself 😉 Dual monitors has pushed me leaps and bounds on programming my repomaster, you can learn more about that here; it will change the entire Linux world when complete. Imagine living in a world where errors do not exist – eliminate the human element of error. Computers do not make mistakes, humans do. I would venture to say repomaster is 90% done. It looks like a little work in conky builder as well. I had a fella contact me yesterday to report an issue not detecting ppoe type connections another issue to squash. On a lighter note Ultimate Edition 3.5 is moving right along in development:

Ultimate Edition 3.5 KDE Ultimate Edition 3.5 Gnome
Ultimate Edition 3.5 Compiz width=

As you ladies and gentlemen may already know I am not a KDE Mahn, that does not mean I do not adhere to our users needs / demands, KDE is the default O/S for the first time in UE history.

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