The Battleship has just turned.

by on Dec.05, 2019, under Ultimate Edition

Software I am developing has just took a turn. I would be worried if I was a competitor. There is no such thing here. A league of my own -they call that a Pioneer.

Want me to provide advice?

Elementary (Pantheon) O/S remove dependency on 1000 languages we speak English here, pull that from the net. Don’t bloat your O/S. I have been concentrating on DE’s (Desktop Environments), that is funny 1,000’s of programmers and I just break it off.

I have quit filing bugs, I just fix them. I suggest you study my software. Before you blow that all off. This was 5 years ago. Where do you think I am today? I can almost bet & I have a hard time fathoming the almost endless possibilities.

tmosb can build 821 different above Operating Systems
10673 in total, when desktop environments are also calculated.

It is just software right? A storm is coming, once again it is software & was written prior. I seen a application I wrote in 2013, massive changes. I have been writing software for over 30 years approaching 40 years & I am not 50 yet. Started writing software at 11 years old on a Commodore VIC-20, traded a BB Gun for it at the time.

Now you know why I am big on a keyboard, productivity.

I like Linus:

I was using keyboards before he was born. 😉


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