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Many “Geek Words” will be tossed in this blog, I tried to take the time to link the geek words to Wikipedia.

I have been working on Nasup for the server environment, no the new version is not online yet. I am currently having RPC (Remote procedure call) issues. It appears to be a bug with a race condition between NFS (Network File System) and RPC. I will get the issue smashed out. Works perfectly in Ultimate Edition 5.7 and below, so it is something they have introduced in Bionic Beaver. If it is not broke, do not fix it fellas.

Dropped a 16 Terabyte (Raid 0, 2 X 8TB drives) in Legion2, pulled 2 X 3TB drives. Legion sees it perfectly fine and can access the data. Nasup picks up as it says 56 Terabytes (Crazy isn’t it) of drives on the network. 48 Terabytes is more like it, if a drive has multiple shares it count’s that drive more then once the drive is a 8TB Western Digital My Cloud NAS with 2 shares and it counts it twice. Still have some work to do. It is smart enough to know it’s own IP (Internet Protocol) address(s) and not add the drive even if it has multiple IP’s. I am pretty proud of that factor. Both servers have dual IP addresses.

I have also been busy working & hardening security, another race condition 😉

This will be a wonderful tool for data centers & homes alike. It will be free as it has always been.

On the security side?

Connected to
220-Welcome to Ultimate Edition Keyserver.
220-Hello, all activity on is logged.
USER theemahn
530 Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption.
Disconnecting from site

Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server will secure your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) even off the live disk, it currently does that NOW. I plan to have Apache as well SSH (Secure SHell) using TLS (Transport Security Layer) security off the rip, please do not rush me.

I have alot on my plate, please be patient with me. I am sorry, I forgot to tell you I also set up a secure repository online, data comes from my basement. 4096 bit encryption. Repostorm set it up for me. Only Ten years of programming there. Facebook has been riding my rump over 131 days not posting, let me do my job Facebook. Seriously? 131 days, Ten years. To be honest with you I have been writing software for over 30 years. I have been told my Alpha builds, should have been called a Beta build. Let me give you a Alpha build of Ultimate Edition 5.9 Server. Just maybe & I do mean maybe Distrowatch may open their eyes. Did you know at one point we were the #4 distro downloaded on the entire planet? If I would have kept going we would have been #1. We have Millions of users, not Billions yet. Opening a server line we will see Billions.

I do want you to understand what we are playing with here. In my house, it is straight up the bomb. Awards my smart TV’s with content Netflix would be envious of. I do grant you I have more space then most. Servers in the basement are chewing up power unforgivably, spitting webpages and data to the Net & household. Moving Gigabits through the air and the same hardlined. I grant you I am a extreme case for data & data flow. Do you see the positives here? I try to ignore the negatives. Try it and provide me your feedback, please understand this is not a final product. Yes, I am about to unleash a game changer.


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