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by on Aug.08, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

I don’t want to say I started writing software, because I have been writing it for some time now. I wrote an “sub-application” in tmosb called “uetheme” that automates theme creation. I am trying to think of the future & it built Ultimate Edition 6.7 theme from the ground up automously. Yes, indeed a Grub theme, Plymouth Theme & desktop theme GTK 2, XFCE, GTK3 etc. Powerful, I understand.

I am uploading a Ultimate Edition 6.7 Lite lol. The initial build was just that. I went back added full, server and extra. I did not use maximum compression, so I could toss a ton more in it. I am not going to release it to the general populus, however if you feel frosty and want to test it I dropped it on one of our servers.

It is not small by any means 4.4GB, I wanted to demonstrate I can go anyway I want. I could double the software, however this one will run smoothly live or otherwise. It is KDE based, so it is resource hungry. I would not even think about playing with it unless you have at least 4GB of memory. NVidia Support is there and will be in every release going forward in any Operating System I build here forward. Last time I checked I am the leading programmer and founder.

Let’s get on to the juicy details:
Oh, that is right I am not releasing it, other then the brave. Do not think that is final.

I will not rob you of MD5sums:

root@JackHammer:/media/Rocket_Raid/wip# md5sum ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-lite.iso
d4e658f6f6c64e54cb5b3652ee1997e5 ultimate-edition-6.7-x64-lite.iso

I have not found the error in my software or what could be the Desktop Environment YET. I suggest when it boots up select Breeze Dark as a “Global Theme” then select Ultimate Edition 6.7 to see where I am heading.

Why did I say lite when I built it? I only want 6.7 theme in it same happens when you build a gamers. Keep space low. To allow for more games for example. Gamers rips out tmosb it-self, you are not building Operating Systems, you are playing games. That is funny, did you know when I released 6.6 Gamers had only one yes one mirror 14 today, but lived on 1 for a week. Thousand 84 Downloads at 4.4 GB of data. Do the math on that one. We do not calculate my traffic. When you do something right they will come. Thanks again Sourceforge.

Wait until you see what I am bringing to the table. I have said this before. I will take down 1,000 programmers at a time. This is not my first rodeo. I was writing AI software years before they even knew what it was.

Honestly, think about it. Petabytes are gone. Exobytes, just Sorceforge. Think about it I have seen in the past a professor of a college tell me a Terabyte a day & ask me if he should set up a second computer? Today data flows quite well.

Once again I will not rob you. I wrote an application called uetheme told you that earlier (a part of tmosb) that Autonomously develops themes, ever seen Ultimate Edition 2.0 theme on Ultimate Edition 6.6 for example? That is now a reality & work in progress. All computer generated. 3 at a time Theme, Grub and Plymouth theme. None are final. I am still working out bugs in the software. Once fixed, will flawlessly generate every theme.

Booting a built Operating System with them all installed. normal compression. 48 themes.

Do not think for one second those themes do not support XFCE, Mate etc.

Linking wallpaper (to save space) to ../../../wallpapers/Ultimate_Edition_4.2.png
Linking wallpaper (to save space) to ../../../../Ultimate_Edition_4.2.png ▒
5 times.
Generating previews in: /media/Rocket_Raid ▒

  1. Generating preview: 4.2.png to Ultimate Edition 4.2/theme/ultimate-edition-theme-4.2-all/usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.ultimate.edition.4.2.desktop/contents/artwork/background.png

Those will be linked as well, all 11 of them, 12 if you include 0. I can remember did Ultimate Edition 4.2 ever support KDE? It does now. They will all be small files when I am done. Software is King, got to love automation in software development… Flawlessly. I will never develop a theme again. From here autonomously.


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