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by on Feb.12, 2020, under Ultimate Edition

Big things are coming. Not from me yet!

I pushed my new CPU a 16 Core / 32 thread 3950X overclocking to actually 4.6 GHZ on all cores 16 cores / 32 threads. I am blessed I do run under 360mm water cooling. I have dropped the AMD 1700X (First Gen).

Or so I initially thought. I was thinking all day long I can run 4500 Mhz. Let’s build a Operating System under 4.5 Ghz at 32 threads – The most demanding thing you can request in Linux. within 2 seconds reboot. Overheated from 128 degrees to 158 in 2 seconds.

Really? I Bullshit you not. Let’s drop the muliplier to 44.00 rocking “All-core”4.4 Ghz”. Let’s not screw around, put it to work build Ultimate Edition 6.6 Developer Edition. 3 seconds later I was rebooting, not by my demise

These AMD chips are indeed no joke. As soon as you see those threads jack up it is game on. If you are manually overclocking as soon as the chip hits peak heat it will tun it self off, err reboot itself. Pretty hard to top out a 32 thread CPU? I fully understand why AMD has multiple “World Records”. Let me toss Liquid Nitrogen on your ass.

We are looking for stability. I should be shocked I got away with 4.5GHZ right? Silicone Lottery sells if they had one roughly $1300.00. Their best chip 4.1 GHZ top 10% I have a screenie at 4.5Ghz. I have a 4.3 GHZ chip stable across all cores. With 0 extra volts jacked to it.

I guess you can say I hit the lottery. To be honest I turned on AI auto overclocking. I have seen 4.7 GHZ that way across multiple cores. AMD has taken away Things I used to enjoy.

They do better then I can do. This will put your panties in a bunch. My main rig is on a X370 board, the server in the basement is rockin x570 tech & tons of space, all high speed. On dual 10 Gigabit.

I tried to tell you. For a home a AMD 3900X is no joke as a server. As a developer, I want the biggest punch.

Did you know how many servers we own? I could write a list. Correct terminology would be how many domains? Did you know currently 02/16/2020 the AMD 3950X is faster then any CPU Intel sells period.

Including servers. I am sure that may change tomorrow, think about it. The new Threadripper 3990X is decimating even AMD Epyc 7742 servers. Do not think a new AMD server chip is not coming. AMD’s competition is AMD today. The chip I have decimates last gen Epyc’s & I have a desktop CPU not HEDT chip (High End Desktop).

I bought in stock in AMD when it was $6.97 a share. Seen Friday, they raised it to $66.00 a share. This is how Millionaires are made. Want me to tell you what is coming? I already did.


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